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Super Powers?

When I was little, I wished, probably like most children, that I could fly.

Around the upper elementary school time of my life, that changed into a longing to be visible; someone please just notice me.

There was yet another change on it’s way, around late junior high, and high school.

One that I did not see coming at all.

As I grew older, I became visible, but not in the way I wanted or needed to.

I became visible mostly to those who would use seeing me to their own advantage, not caring about the detriment to me.

People I knew, people I didn’t know, family members.

Suffice to say, the only superpower I really wanted then, was In-visiblity.

After meeting Jesus, and my husband, and having kids of my own, blessedly, the need for invisibility went away.

Just yesterday I listened to a story on a podcast.

The story is of an ordinary couple that experiences an extraordinary event during a walk in the park.

The title was “Jump!” written by Cadwell Turnbull, read by LaVar Burton, on LaVar Burton Reads.

It put me in mind of another Super Power.

My husband and I have talked about what it would be like to be able to teleport.

Recently we went to Israel.

What an amazing trip it was.

Since COVID19 struck early this year, we are happy that we went when we did.

We have no regrets.

One thing that we agreed on upon our return, was that the flight was so long, and although all ended well, if we had had the Super Power of TELEPORTATION, it could have been that much better.

When you’re a little older, arms and legs and backs get stiff.

Not so much flex! So.

Given a choice, why not?

Phillip the Evangelist in the Bible did it. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Acts+8%3A26-40&version=ESV

Star Trek did it.


Doctor Who did it. (not just place to place, but time to time!)


They did it in X-Men.

Wouldn’t it be a handy power to have?

You could go wherever you wanted to, at any time, and not suffer the fatigue associated with long travel.

Not to mention, the time savings.

So the next time there’s a line up for super powers; make mine TELEPORTATION.

What super power would you want?

Here’s a list to help you choose; https://www.gamesradar.com/25-useful-super-powers/ .

Or perhaps you have one of your own.

Please share in the comments.

Until next time …

Choices; Useful or Not?




There is a limb, a little one, shaped like a Shepard’s crook.

It hangs upside down, broken off the tree.

2019-03-09 11.17.12-1

This is the end of the second year it’s been there.

Hanging upside down. Broken. Yet hanging on through every season. Through the calm, and through he storm.

If in the Spring, I rescue it, I’ll never know how long it could have held on.

What would it mean if I left it there? Just to watch it?

Would it serve a purpose , or only be a image of something lonely, broken, and serving no purpose at all? Useless.

If I take it down, it could be used for kindling for a fire, or be reused as in some sort of house decor.

So the choices are; leave it or rescue it, knowing it’s purpose is over, or re-purpose it.

It rather reminds me of a broken life.

I know that personally I have held on to many of the broken parts of my life for far to long.

Many times, because it was the right thing to do, and others because I was too afraid to let go.

At least in the brokenness I knew what to expect. May I just say though, that when I let God my savior rescue me, my purpose became more clear?

Some of those broken things were ready to be disposed of, while others, were re-purposed into things that were useful both for myself and others.

Some of those broken things became the most beautiful treasures in my life. 

I only needed to be quiet long enough to “Hear His voice”. It speaks loudly on the inside, when I take the time to calm myself.

How about you?

What parts of you are “broken”?

Do they need to be let go of, or can they be re-purposed into a beautiful treasure?

I encourage you to take a few moments to quiet your heart and mind; you may be surprised to see the outcome.

You may find some help attaining some quiet by visiting here.

Be sure and let me know how you do!






Don’t Give Up!

Back in September, we read  David’s story

It was a story about loss, and persistence, and restoration.

Here it is again, in a nutshell;

David – Returned home to find that his entire village had been destroyed. Not one living thing was left, not one building standing. His wife and children were taken away, and he had no way of knowing whether they were alive or dead. Here’s what David (and his men) did. You can read this account in 1 Samuel 30. Here’s what he did –

1. He wept bitterly, until all of his strength was gone.

2. He then found strength in the Lord his God.

3. He inquired of the Lord to see what he should do (He prayed)

4. He took a portion of his men with him and pursued the enemy. He got EVERYTHING back, and then some. God honored the fact that he did not quit, but that he and a small number believed God could restore. (Nation, Families, Finances, Churches)

Now here is another story, this time about Daniel;

Daniel – Chapter 9. Now Daniel finished reading the scrolls and saw that the captivity was coming to an end. He could have said hip-hip-hooray and stopped praying, but he didn’t. He didn’t stop crying out to God, he called out to God what He had already promised! Three things he did –

1. He repented, for his sin AND the sin of his people.

2. He interceded. He took the promises of God’s word and brought them before Him all the more.

3. He gave thanks. He gave thanks for what He had done and what He would do. He thanked Him for His promises and covenants.

Both of these men could have given up. They could have stopped. They could have taken the freedom God gave them, and hidden themselves away. They never would have gotten the promises of God fulfilled in their lives.

Instead, they were persistent. First in their belief that God would care for them, and then, in their tenacity to continue moving forward, through pain and loss, to receive the prize at the end of the line.

The questions here for you and I are these;

  1. Will we persist?
  2. Will we believe God?
  3. Will we go on until we reach the prize?

To be sure, there are prizes here on this earth that are worth fighting for, but in reality, they will all fade away.

My persistence will lead not only to some of these, but to the ultimate prize – Living in the Presence of God. In His kingdom. Forever.

Pretty sure of this am I?


Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Matthew 6:33

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword?  Romans 8:35
You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.  Psalm 16:11


How about you?
Are you sure?