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Live To Love

Like you and your families, your small groups, your clubs, your organizations, your churches;

We’ve seen enough. Enough hate and discontent. Spread from all sides.

Our church is very diverse. People of many different cultures attend. It was decided to show people on the outside, just what goes on on the inside.

Scripture tells us to love one another. In John 13:34 (ESV) it says; A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.

Pastor Ty told us this morning that to him, the new mural outside, is like a giant “sticky note” for our community.

The Idea
The Beginning

The News Coverage;

Please take a moment to hear what three of the pastors have to say about this endeavor.

New mural in Muscatine https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0XCHSWJF?s=a99&pd=05yZzRKG

A Welcoming Sight

Love one anther.

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Friday Favorites – Cool Mornings

Typically, summer and I do not get along. I dislike heat, bugs and dirt. That pretty much covers it right?

What I do love, is cool morning’s, clouds and green. So the last three days or so, it has been uncharacteristically cool here in Iowa.

Cool enough that if I arrive a bit earlier than usual, I can still enjoy a walk Under the Hill with Jack.

The heat and humidity are to return by the weekend, so I’m trying to take advantage of this brief window of time to get some things accomplished.

I hope the weather, and the colors where you are, are as you like them.

However you find them – Enjoy!

Until next time …

Friday Favorites; Fictional Places

If you were given the option; of all the fictional places you know about – where would you go?

I would no doubt choose Rivendell.

Rivendell is an Elven valley in the fictional world of Middle-earth created by J. R. R. Tolkien. It was established in the Second Age by Elrond Half-elven, who protected it with the powers of his elven ring Vilya and ruled it until the events of The Lord of the Rings four or five thousand years later. Wikipedia

Turns out, the inspiration for Rivendell was taken from Lauterbrunnen, Switzterland.

Please share your answer in the comment section.

Until next time …