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Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (2)

Day 2.

Knowing that the readings needed to begin at 6:00, I knew I’d need to get up early to make it on time. I asked my husband to wake me up. He did as I asked, only with one problem, I told him a time an hour too late!

I woke up with a shout of the first readers name on my lips and leaped into action.That was the fastest shower ever, and I know the dog looked at me like I was a crazy person when I shoved him out the door! I dressed, then drove quickly to the court house, arriving a scant three minutes before my first reader. Podium and Bible in place, she began to read while I unpacked the truck and began setting up.

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Friday mornings schedule was full until just after lunch time with readers that had signed up on line ahead of time. Between lunch and supper was a very large empty space. My only thought was that God would have to fill it. It was then hat I began checking my emails, and to my great joy, people were still signing in on line, filling up those spaces.

There were a great many walk-ups, personal friends asking where they could fill in and wanting to be put on call. One man I had never met before, walked up and filled six time slots for he and his family.

Friday was an amazing success, because God knows what we needed, before we needed it, and we trusted Him to supply ALL our needs. (More on that later)

Two friends helped to load up the truck at 10:00, and off home I went.


Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (1)

On day one of our Bible Reading Marathon, June 30, we woke up to rain. Not just a little rain, but a lot of rain. This is never good for the opening day of an outdoor event. But in our house, we say we choose the day, not the weather, and go about our business.

The rain did relent long enough to get our spot in front of the county courthouse set up. The goal was set to read the entire Bible from beginning to end, beginning on June 30, and finishing on July 3. The first reader arrived at the appointed time, and the reading began.

Our first “Group” of readers came from a local church. There were but a half dozen of them, and it was nice to know that they felt it important enough to come and read in the rain.

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We did have a canopy, but the rain was coming so hard, that it was leaking on us even under the tent. We used our umbrellas under the tent as needed.  I am fairly certain that from the street, it looks like a circus tent, but the reading went on.

We simply changed our minds from grumbling about the rainy conditions, to thanking God for the rain our farmers need, and also the fact that nearly every where in the Bible that it speaks of water, the Holy Spirit is involved. Rain down Holy Spirit, rain down. (God You Reign!)


That first day was really full on sign ups, with only one no show, that was not weather related. (That person ended up coming back more than once after missing the first time slot!)

The rain finally did subside, and although quite chilly, the rest of the day finished with great success.

It was decided that we would not go through the overnight hours, with safety being a large issue. So after the last reader at 10:00, with a little help from a friend, we packed up the truck to return Friday morning at 6:00.

God, You will need to make up for our lost over night hours so we can finish on time.

Stay tuned for story #2, you’ll begin to see why I say our God is Ever Faithful.


Coming Up Higher

When I considered beginning to blog again, I pictured myself crashing back on the scene with such intensity that I might even surprise myself.

Well, I surprised myself, but not in the way I had imagined.

Instead of dazzling everyone with my new found wisdom, I came back instead, full of knowledge that I am not the only one who knows stuff.

In fact, the more stuff I know, the more apparent it appears, that I don’t know half as much as I thought I did, and that much of what I knew was only good for a season.

The past several months have been spent on a variety of different issues. As I have stated, so long ago now, there is always an “Inside job” to be done.

Well when you think you’ve finished all that inside work – look out! Rest up.

You will need it for your next season, the one where Holy Spirit comes and says “Come, let’s dig a little deeper”, so that you can “Come up higher”.

My first response was a bit like kicking and screaming, I was really comfy there, however that response didn’t last long because I really want to know what God has for me, comfortable or not.

The simple act of saying yes to God brought on several months of digging deeper, it was an excavation deeper than I had ever known possible, and months of uncomfortable-ness on my insides.

It all began with a “random” conversation with a good friend that I had not seen in a long time. The conversation went from one topic to another, you know how they do.

I began telling her about a book I had recently finished, and the effect that a certain chapter had had on me. This brought her to tell me about a college course she had just finished. Since her major goes right along with what is on the insides of people, her class work fit right into the conversation, and my current comfort level.

                       Even though it was quite comfy, it was in fact getting a tad boring. “Move along, nothing to see here.”

Within a day or two, I was in possession of her school books, and beginning the long dig into my past.

Make no mistake, I had been back there before, and was pretty sure I had worked it all out, because remember, I know stuff.

All the questions I never knew to ask were there in those books. Plunging me deeper and deeper into why I was the way I was, and why, even after all the “inside” work I had done, there was still so much left to do.

Eight months. That is how long it took me. Digging and digging and then having to take breaks because the emotional toll it was taking on my heart was so exhausting.

So here I am. I will never say “Done with that” again, because I have seen what the effect can be when I think that.     I will just say that that part of my journey is over, and for now, I do not carry all the weight I carried before.

For now, I am comfortable with the past, and ready to see what is next.

I can’t say how this blog will go on, but I can say that it will, at least for now.

I’m traveling lighter now, and I’m not sure where to. God knows that.

A bit like Abraham before me, I will trust that He knows the way, and that it is good.


If you are at all interested in doing some “Digging” and “Inside work” and seeing what God has next for you –        Here are some helpful tools;

Finding Spiritual Whitespace – written by Bonnie Gray – Especially Chapter 22

The Ultimate Journey – Phase 1