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I’m Cheating Today

I’ve spent so much time rolling words around in my head for what is going on in there, and it just isn’t working.

I am ever OCD about keeping up my blog schedule, but banging out words that are only half way explained, did not seem fair to my readers.

I haven’t taken any new photos recently, or had any brilliant fun ideas either.

So I’ve decided to share these three things with you – and they are all about fear.

It is rampant in our world, and it doesn’t even appear to be slowing down.

If you find yourself afraid most of the time, I hope these next three things can be helpful to you, as they were to me.

#1. A Bible verse,

#2. A YouTube video from a long time trusted source, and

#3. A very well written blog post by someone I recently discovered here on line.

So it may be cheating on my part, but as long as it helps you;

For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power, and love, and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

My trusted source; James Robison

I found this blog post to be extremely helpful; here’s the link.

I hope my words will find me soon, but until then …

Friday Favorites – Writers

There are so many writers to choose from.

And just as many topics.

As with most readers, my interests vary from season to season.

That being said, we all have our favorites.

They vary from genre to genre, but some writers always stay with us.

John P. Weiss is one of those for me.

Each week I await the email that carries his well written and masterfully hand illustrated missive.

Any season. Any time.

I hope to leave with you the longing to “Read him” as well.

Find out about John here;


You can read John’s latest offering here;


“The Super Simple Strategy for Greater Focus”

John P. Weiss

I sure hope you enjoyed this.

Please feel free to share some of your favorite authors in the comments as well.

I hope to see you again next time.

Friday Favorites #1 – Blogs

I would like to take some time here to acknowledge some folks.

I’ve been blogging since 2012.

The comments and likes and follows have been sporadic to non-existent.

But I found out a couple of things.

If I post it; someone will read it; my consistency has changed.

I have learned so much from reading, commenting, liking and following people.

Some of whom I agree with; and yes, even some who share a totally different world view than I have.

I would like to give a shout out to some which I have learned the most from and/or enjoyed the most.

Please go read support, comment, like and follow them as you would like.

Here are four for you to begin with –

I hope you enjoy them too! (More next Friday!)

And oh, thanks for reading!