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Day #1 – Jerusalem

The sun comes up over Jerusalem.

Let the journey begin.

Did I mention we were waking up in Jerusalem?

View of Jerusalem – from the Dan Hotel

Every year Aglow International (https://www.aglow.org/) has an enormous conference somewhere in the continental United States.

This year it was decided that that meeting would take place in Israel, in Jerusalem.

Called a “Holy Convocation*”, as many as could, joined on site, while others partook via livestream, a little closer to their homes.

No words.

It was quite overwhelming to see this land that God has always loved so much.

Worship with around 850 of our closest friends.

We came to praise and worship God, and to fellowship with like minded individuals.

Our hearts and our purpose, bring us together as one; as Family.

Words of encouragement from our leader Jane Hansen Hoyt.

Jane’s words are both powerful and encouraging.

Her love for Christ is evident in the way she acts, speaks, and conducts business.

She is not afraid to listen for what God is saying for Aglow, herself and for Israel.


Our day began with Jane speaking in the morning.

Seconded by a bus ride back to our own hotel for a jet lag ridden nap.

In the evening we were back at the Dan Hotel, for more praise and worship, and a riveting message by Asher Intrater.



The bus ride back to our hotel did not seem as long since we had already traveled it once.

And we would travel it many times before our three days of convocating were finished.

And that my friend, is a story in itself.

Hope to see you next time.

*Convocation = 1.a large formal assembly of people. 2.the action of calling people together for a large formal assembly.

Best Place to Start

So I guess the best place to start is at the beginning.

I have had so many opportunities to go to Israel with Aglow International.

(https://www.aglow.org/ )

Honestly, I never wanted to go until my husband could go with me.

It’s not nearly as fun telling a loved one about a trip, as it is experiencing that trip with them.

So on opportunity 19 – We were on our way!

The longest part of the flight was ten hours.

I’m not sure how people who travel all the time get used to it.

It was light when we boarded our first plane, but by the time we were over the ocean, it was too dark to see. (Insert sad face here)

I was able to get some pretty photos while flying the friendly skies though.

Airlines vary in how they authorize what you can take on the plane, and what you cannot.

I believe the strongest, and also the safest, was our flight on El AL Israel Airlines.

We were glad to be a bit early to go through their security, they were thorough, kind and quite serious about our safety. (And theirs I’m quite sure.)

When we arrived at our resting place in Jerusalem, we saw this on the side of a nearby hotel;

After our arrival, and finding that I had left my phone on the bus, we went to our room and tried to rest; which was not the easiest thing to do.

We were blessed by the fact that the travel company we used, actually owned the bus, and so my phone was returned to me the very next morning.

The view from our hotel.

Next time, I’ll share Day #1 in Israel.

I’d love it if you join me.

Cave Dweller

I’m a “Cave Dweller”. I love being at home, in my “Cave” while communing with God and His creation.

Quiet. Blue Sky. Green Earth. Ever changing seasons.

Communing = to experience a deep emotional or spiritual relationship with something.

Now cave dwelling is fine for a season, but it may be time to get out of here for a while.

I can argue that God has provided me with a pretty cool cave, and that I am comfy here.

To which I hear, “Comfy is what you come back to, to rest. But to come back, you have to leave first.”

I once used my 400 pound Strong’s Concordance, (remember those?) to research all that the Bible said about caves.

Caves were used for many, many things. Living, storage, hiding, burial…..

I did find that my self imposed solitude can turn into loneliness and isolation.

Here is where I find myself, one more time.

It is again time to transition to level-up.

An upgrade, if you will.

There is a growing “Holy dissatisfaction”.

It comes from learning the new thing, leveling up, upgrading; learning a new thing, and then getting really comfortable with it.

I believe the “Holy dissatisfaction” comes from knowing your subject, or in my case, where you are, so well that it is no longer a challenge.

If I am happy with that, then I can never grow or change, or become different or better than I currently am.

To find out what that is, there are a few things that I require myself to do;

  • Set aside an early morning time to get quiet – before the day begins calling my name
  • Revamp my schedule to have a few quiet, listening breaks during the day. (He’s always speaking, I’m just not always listening.)
  • Read biography’s. Stories of people in history or culture that I admire can be helpful to me to see more possibilities
  • Leave my house; go places, see things, meet people, enjoy creation.
  • Take a breath. Then another. Then another. Consciously.

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. John 14:12 (ESV)

Here is hoping that my ramblings may open up new thoughts and possibilities.

Until next time – Do something different!