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An Opinion On Writers Bias

Is biased journalism really journalism?

Bias from any side; isn’t that manipulation?

In my research for this post, I found even the a few articles about bias, could themselves be considered biased, some, but not all.

 →A really nice chart on journalism bias can be found here.

Not that “Left” is bad or “Right” is bad, only that ARGUING about either is bad.

Isn’t it a good journalist who’s “Side” cannot be told after being read?

Explore the possibilities, positive and negative from each, but without allowing the reader to know your own PERSONAL bent.

This idea came to the forefront for me mostly in the past week. (I’m switching over to regular, every day social media writers now)

Photo by William Iven on Upsplash

When words won’t come, I spend MUCH time reading.

On nearly all of the social media, and print journalism that I’ve read, and many the blog posts I’ve read, I’ve read some really well written stories, and then, out of nowhere, someone blasts either the “Right” or the “Left”, or makes derogatory statements about persons, by name, that they disagree with.

Disagree if you must, but if you resort to name calling, I’m out.

Your writing acumen is in question, for me anyway.

All this being said, I’ve been accused multiple times, of always thinking the best of people and giving people lots of chances.  

So, I’m not mad if this is you.

What I’m saying is this –

You can do better! I can do better! We can do better!

Let’s have conversation without the vitriol and venom,

without the name calling and nastiness,

without the rage and the hostility.

I hope we can agree to disagree sometimes, and not hate each other because of it.

I would sure love to hear YOUR opinion.

And we an still be friends even if we disagree.

Until next time …

Screen Life

Late in the Summer, our church always has a huge service/picnic at a local park.

It’s a great opportunity to not only be outside, but to gather together and hang out with other church goers in a way that isn’t always done.

In a word, it’s refreshing.

Here is what I noticed;

Note that the pastors are standing in front of a large screen.

It’s there of course so that folks can see even if they are far away.

Here’s the thing;

Even though I was up close and personal, I still found myself looking at the screen instead of the pastors.

I must admit that I find myself looking at the screen even when we are gathered inside.

While inside in Israel, I found the same thing.

Note that the lovely Jane is also on a screen.

(In my defense I was in the back of the room, and the screen came in very handy)

I’ve since been looking around everywhere I go, and I see the same thing.

I know that you do too.

Screens are predominant.

They are every where, being held by every one.

Look what we are doing here even now, looking at a screen.

It can be said that we are creating relationship, and in a way we are; but there is a large drawback;

I’m speaking for myself when I say this;

It is far easier for me to talk to others, from the other side of a screen.

It’s easier for me to watch a movie or a video than to read a book.

My concentration level has been greatly decreased since the advent of screens everywhere in my life.

So what can we do?

Personally, I have had to say yes to more “Social” things than I have in the past.

Places where I have to leave my phone in my pocket, with the volume turned off.

Places where I am expected to actually speak instead of type.

Photo from Google

Our kids have more screen time than is healthy for them, many are provided with laptops instead of regular books.

Now I don’t mind telling you that sometimes I have the attention span of a gnat!

I do however have training that came from a time BEFORE screen time and 280 character rants.

For this, I am grateful; at least I know it is POSSIBLE to read and write.

This is the only world my grandchildren have ever known.

Looking a screens, speaking in memes and emojis.

Are we spoiling our children’s ability to read, and comprehend?

I have noted, and actually heard it said, that when trying to memorize Bible verses, one can do it much better in an actual Bible than on some kind of device.

Is it like turning off the device turns off your brain as well?

So reading and memorizing is tactile as well as mental?

I gave a postcard to one of my grand daughters after our trip to Israel.

She commented that she could barely read cursive; but just enough to know what I had written on the card.

Do you have any ideas that you would care to share about how you handle screen time in your life and realm?

Please do share with us in the comments any ideas you may have on this topic.

Perhaps we can make a difference here.

Until next time….



To load, heap, treat, or address with an overpowering or excessive amount of anything; to overcome completely in mind or feeling; to overthrow.

All these definitions are from Dictionary.com

Besieged; snowed under; inundated; weighed down; plagued; beset.

All these are synonyms taken from the Thesaurus: English that resides on my Word program.

Does this sound familiar?

It is so easy these days to become overwhelmed.

Every day gives us more reason to be overwhelmed.

Marriage, family, church, work, school, bullies, cyber-bullies, traffic, war, social media, schedule, schedule, schedule.

The list goes on and on, and it’s always in your face.

Remember the commercial that said “Calgon take me away!”?

Not even possible, not even close.

Some people appear to handle the stress very well.

Others, you can see it all over them.

Being overwhelmed has the ability to make you sick or crazy or both.

The opposite of being overwhelmed is being;


To fail to interest or astonish.

This definition is from Dictionary.com

There were no synonyms given in the Thesaurus: English that resides on my Word program.

I believe that the condition of being underwhelmed could be possibly worse health wise, due to the fact that it traps your emotions inside.

The mistake is in believing that if you don’t respond, then you are still in control.

Being overwhelmed/underwhelmed can cause troubles on your insides without you even realizing it!

Marriage, family, church, work, school, bullies, cyber-bullies, traffic, war, social media, schedules can make us feel;

Snowed under.  Plagued.  Weighed down.

From my experience, I would have to add ~ Exhausted and hopeless.


For the next few posts, I want to encourage you in a way that may be a surprise to you.

It is my firm belief that the more you know about God,

The more you can realize who He is, and what He wants to be for you,

The more you can be overwhelmed by Him and Him alone.

One way to get to know and understand Him better, is to know what His people called Him all throughout history.

Once you know these names, then His personality, His character and His integrity begin to shine through.

With this new light dawning, you can begin to respond to His love without the whole overwhelmed/underwhelmed cycle.

God the Father has been many things for me.

God the Father has overwhelmed me in a different way, and far more than I could have imagined.

I am overwhelmed with His grace and His peace.

Grace and peace.  How does that sound?