An Opinion On Writers Bias

Is biased journalism really journalism?

Bias from any side; isn’t that manipulation?

In my research for this post, I found even the a few articles about bias, could themselves be considered biased, some, but not all.

 →A really nice chart on journalism bias can be found here.

Not that “Left” is bad or “Right” is bad, only that ARGUING about either is bad.

Isn’t it a good journalist who’s “Side” cannot be told after being read?

Explore the possibilities, positive and negative from each, but without allowing the reader to know your own PERSONAL bent.

This idea came to the forefront for me mostly in the past week. (I’m switching over to regular, every day social media writers now)

Photo by William Iven on Upsplash

When words won’t come, I spend MUCH time reading.

On nearly all of the social media, and print journalism that I’ve read, and many the blog posts I’ve read, I’ve read some really well written stories, and then, out of nowhere, someone blasts either the “Right” or the “Left”, or makes derogatory statements about persons, by name, that they disagree with.

Disagree if you must, but if you resort to name calling, I’m out.

Your writing acumen is in question, for me anyway.

All this being said, I’ve been accused multiple times, of always thinking the best of people and giving people lots of chances.  

So, I’m not mad if this is you.

What I’m saying is this –

You can do better! I can do better! We can do better!

Let’s have conversation without the vitriol and venom,

without the name calling and nastiness,

without the rage and the hostility.

I hope we can agree to disagree sometimes, and not hate each other because of it.

I would sure love to hear YOUR opinion.

And we an still be friends even if we disagree.

Until next time …

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