To load, heap, treat, or address with an overpowering or excessive amount of anything; to overcome completely in mind or feeling; to overthrow.

All these definitions are from Dictionary.com

Besieged; snowed under; inundated; weighed down; plagued; beset.

All these are synonyms taken from the Thesaurus: English that resides on my Word program.

Does this sound familiar?

It is so easy these days to become overwhelmed.

Every day gives us more reason to be overwhelmed.

Marriage, family, church, work, school, bullies, cyber-bullies, traffic, war, social media, schedule, schedule, schedule.

The list goes on and on, and it’s always in your face.

Remember the commercial that said “Calgon take me away!”?

Not even possible, not even close.

Some people appear to handle the stress very well.

Others, you can see it all over them.

Being overwhelmed has the ability to make you sick or crazy or both.

The opposite of being overwhelmed is being;


To fail to interest or astonish.

This definition is from Dictionary.com

There were no synonyms given in the Thesaurus: English that resides on my Word program.

I believe that the condition of being underwhelmed could be possibly worse health wise, due to the fact that it traps your emotions inside.

The mistake is in believing that if you don’t respond, then you are still in control.

Being overwhelmed/underwhelmed can cause troubles on your insides without you even realizing it!

Marriage, family, church, work, school, bullies, cyber-bullies, traffic, war, social media, schedules can make us feel;

Snowed under.  Plagued.  Weighed down.

From my experience, I would have to add ~ Exhausted and hopeless.


For the next few posts, I want to encourage you in a way that may be a surprise to you.

It is my firm belief that the more you know about God,

The more you can realize who He is, and what He wants to be for you,

The more you can be overwhelmed by Him and Him alone.

One way to get to know and understand Him better, is to know what His people called Him all throughout history.

Once you know these names, then His personality, His character and His integrity begin to shine through.

With this new light dawning, you can begin to respond to His love without the whole overwhelmed/underwhelmed cycle.

God the Father has been many things for me.

God the Father has overwhelmed me in a different way, and far more than I could have imagined.

I am overwhelmed with His grace and His peace.

Grace and peace.  How does that sound?

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