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Psalms of Life

A long time friend of mine has begun a new project.

Now we have spoken very little, if any, about his topic.

Imagine my surprise when I began reading his words!

(Surprised, but not surprised. Our verbiage is even the same!)

If you have been here on my blog for any time at all,

you know how much value I put on having quiet time.

How much peace there is to having time to settle your heart and soul.

And how I also always delight if in some small way, I can help you to help yourself.

Even for just a moment; a little at a time.

So with Gary’s permission, I share his offerings with you now.

Psalms of Life

There is a quiet place
Far from the rapid pace
Where God can soothe my troubled mind

Those are the first words of a song that is not an original work of mine but have been on my heart a lot in recent days. I would like to suggest, my dear Psalms of Life friends, that dedicating yourself to a time of ‘stillness within’ is so valuable.

Establishing the habit for even a few minutes a day (especially at the beginning) is where the power lies. It is the ‘master key’ to a more fulfilling life.

Find a quiet place if only for a few minutes. Be silent, place your hand lightly on your heart. (Your mind focuses on where the touch is felt.) Then breathe slowly and deeply, listening to your breath while you choose to feel grateful.

Listening to your breath actually relates back to the fact that, in Hebrew, the deepest root meaning of Yahweh is ‘passionate breath.’

Practicing the simple habit of daily stillness with the Lord will transform your life. Studying and reading the Scriptures is good, but the art of practicing simple stillness is the most important foundation to build upon. Thanks for spreading these thoughts with ūüĎ栂̧ԳŹ !

Gary Ellis
Psalms of Life

Remember to share your thoughts and comments.

We really love to hear your “Voice”.

Until next time.

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Fingerprints, Heartbeats and Fresh Fruit


Very recently, I was attending a strategic planning session for a non-profit that I work with.

The Board of Directors were present. I had never met any of them before. Myself and several others were asked simply to introduce ourselves, tell how departments fared in 2013 and then share our dreams and visions for 2014.


But the realization that I so wanted to make a good impression on these folks, and my new found admission of introversion and lack of focus, make this seem way more difficult than it should have been.

I am not afraid of public speaking, however, in this group I asked permission to simply read what I had written, thereby, retaining my focus, and not leaving out any thing that I felt was of importance.

Much of what I read was for the non-profit itself,¬†and aside from the basic facts, which you can read on the¬†“About” tab on¬†this blog,¬†a large part of what was read, is what resides in my heart for¬†more than one portion of my heart for my very own future.

I would love to share a little bit of this with you. Here are just a few excerpts. Please read and see if they might apply to you as well. 

“In my “spare” time, I am a writer. I love writing little Bible studies to share hard truth in an easy way. I also write on a blog called Significant Encounters. It is through these Significant Encounters that we see God, hear God, know God and become one with Him.

Teaching intercessors and others to see God’s “Finger prints” in every circumstance is also on my heart.

Then, to move from God’s fingers, to His heartbeat. To encourage listening for the heartbeat of God until it becomes 2nd nature. He lives inside of us, yet our crisis and chaos drown out His voice. We can have quietness in our hearts even when that turmoil is trying to hold us captive. Learn and share with our heart families.

It is said that the fruit of the Spirit, often grows in bad soil. Crisis. Chaos. Distress. Turmoil. The fruit that we use to feed others must be fresh daily. Therefore, we must cultivate that soil daily, even when it is in upheaval.  

Little by little, and soon enough, people will begin see the difference in us. The difference will be so apparent that they will long to know what it is that gives us our peace, even inside a messy place in our lives. They will want to know the source.

That is the point right? To do as Jesus did – Impart life.”

This is all I will share with you here. I also want you to see a bit of why I chose these passages for sharing.

You see for a long time I have been feeling the topics on this blog to be adrift. Nothing really wrong with them, however not really clearly defined any more.

My past is well transcribed here, but my past is not where I want to go, or stay.

God has given¬†us a victorious today and a future that¬†we cannot even imagine. We receive His “big stuff” for us in little ways. We always look for the “big thing” while all the while missing the smallest parts. These are the parts that make Him so wonderful, and build our life and godliness “little by little”. When we look back, we can see how He has grown us through the seemingly¬†mundane of life.

In the future on this blog, I would like to continue to share “Significant Encounters”, mine and yours if you’d like to share, but I would also like to share some of those “finger prints” and then how our heart beats can beat with His. Perhaps even a “Fresh fruit” section.

No timeline here, but maybe a bit clearer direction.

Tell me what you think in the comments!


Fearfully and wonderfully made