Significant Encounter Friday

What is a Significant Encounter?

We all have had, and will have a Significant Encounter at some point in our lives.

A Significant Encounter can be defined as an important or noteworthy event that happens to us.

Many times, these events are quite by accident.  We bump into, or stumble into them unaware.

The Significant Encounter has the power to alter us, to change us to some degree.  It could be large or it could be small.

Several Significant Encounters, during a short or long period of time , can help us to transform into something better than we were before.

One example of a Significant Encounter is found in the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

The news that she would bear a child when she had never been with a man was a no doubt unexpected event.

Consider how this news altered her relationship with her betrothed, Joseph, and all those who were part of her family and friends.

Think if you will about the modifications that she had to make to her life in order to have this baby.

Reflect on how she must have felt, knowing and believing, that she was carrying in her womb the very Savior of mankind.

Look ahead to the transformations of countless lives because they too, believe that Jesus was the Messiah, the Precious Lamb of God, who saves them from an eternity in hell.

I’m going to call this Significant Encounter Friday, and ask you to share with us, a Significant Encounter that you may have had in your lifetime.

You can leave your story in the comments, with your name and email address.  I will be the only one to see them, and will not post your address.

After I’ve been able to review and approve your story, I’ll post it here on Fridays.

It will be amazing to hear what Significant Encounters have changed the direction in your life.

Please consider joining us, we each have something worth sharing, something noteworthy, something to help others. 

We never know which of our words could be someone else’s,


                                                                              Significant Encounter



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