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Friday Favorites – Hello and Goodbye

Even with COVID, it is still that time of year.

Schools have been deciding just how they want to approach having students back in class.

Parents have had to decide how they want their own children to attend school during these difficult times.

It could be home school, online school, physical school, or a hybrid of any or all of them.

No matter what the choice, someone will be entering or leaving, coming or going.

I’ve always thought that I would rather, as Paula White says, “Go where you are celebrated, not where you’re tolerated”.

When my children were small, I read something somewhere that begged the question, “Does your face light up when your child enters the room?”

In other words, do they feel that you want them there?

The same can be said about our spouses, our friends, or aquaintances.

It can also be said about people present at the activities we attend, and even our jobs.

Do they feel like you are glad to see them?

How we are greeted, can determine how we feel about where we are, and even change how we do the activities, or the job that is before us.

So greetings are important.

So too, are farewells.

Farewells can help to set the tone for both success, and for failure, wanting to return, and wanting to stay away.

A good farewell sets us up for a good day/time/event.

I always managed to to tell my children the same thing when they left;

“Have fun! Be careful!”

Their dad always said “Watch them deer – they are running!”

To this day, even as grown ups, no matter what time of day or year – the same words are uttered at their leaving.

They have become important to our children, historically speaking.

They still recite those words to us, many times with a chuckle.

They know that there is nothing but love behind those words.

I did a short poll on my Facebook page, asking others what they said to their kids whenever they were leaving.

Here are a few of the responses;

1. One said she prayed with them.

2. Do the next right thing.

3. Make smart choices, watch for deer, love you.

4. (Currently) Are you staying in your pajamas today? Remember you have class connect today.

5. Make good choices.

6. Be kind and brave,and strong and true.

(Note that good choices and deer have tied for the lead! lol)

So. How do your people feel when they come home?

How do they feel when they launch out into their daily worlds?

Have you equipped them with the self esteem they need to face it?

Will your words “historically” cause them to feel their worth?

Good questions to ponder I think.

Until next time …

Cousin Friends

So. Last week, I was able to have breakfast with my cousin.

When we were growing up, we saw each other a lot, practically every weekend; sometimes until the wee hours of the morning.

I miss the games of Monopoly, and LIFE, playing hide and seek in the tall grass field next door until well after dark, the camp fires, and the times when we watched the vacation photos off those slides, on that funny little screen.

There’s a funny thing about cousins.

They get you when no one else does, because they were there when no one else was.

This cousin in particular, was a soft place for me to land when I was a high schooler – her being SO GROWN UP with her age being five years beyond mine.

As a young mom with two littles, a lot of time was spent around her kitchen table, making sense of how things were, how they could be.

We learned together how to trust God, and how to allow Him to lead and guide us through some really rough times.

We both had them, but we held on tight.

Somewhere when our kids became full of school activities, and life got crazy – we lost each other.

Well, not really.

Our hearts have been joined all these years none the less.  

We just couldn’t get together as much as we liked.

But you know what?

Being together again last week, seemed to begin closing that gap again.

We are still so much alike, maybe even more now, and we know that we can still benefit each other by just spending time together, telling our stories.

Another thing that we know is that we can help some outside of our family as well.

There are, near as I can tell, only a few other relationships in our lives that can compare to the cousin relationship, and they would be a sibling, a spouse, or if you’re lucky enough a BFF.

These are the ones who can help soothe your soul, hide your crazy, or talk you off the ledge.

All this being said, what my cousin, what my siblings, what my Spouse and what my BFF all know for sure –

Even we will fail.

Humans are not infallible.

We can say we want to help, and truly mean it, but for whatever reason there is a disconnect.

We can strive for that perfection, but will not really ever reach it, at least not here on earth.

So even with all of these human fail safes in place, there still is only ONE who can foot the bill – Perfectly – Forever.

His name is Jesus. 

I read this article, 7 Ways Jesus is the Best Friend You Could Ever Have.

I was impressed by the simplicity with which the author describes what an authentic friendship with Jesus looks like.

She begins by stating that ” Christians think of Jesus as their Lord, Savior, King and Master. However, believers rarely think of Jesus as being a close friend. Though that might sound strange to you at first, Jesus actually wants us to think this way.”

Clicking on the link above will take you to the complete article.

Let me end by saying that I hope you have those in your life who will give you the boost you need, or even the kick in the pants if you are stalled out somewhere.

A cousin, a sibling, a BFF, or a spouse, even a blogger friend; but even in the absence of one of those, you can always give Jesus a try.

I would welcome your dialog if you need some help getting started.

I hope you’ve found this helpful.

Until next time…