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Home Again!

My digital time out is over.

Ten full days of flying, walking, bus riding, sight seeing, learning, and singing, dancing with old and new friends alike.

There were more digital opportunities than I thought there would be, but not enough brain cells at the end of each day to use them!

I look forward to sharing some of our trip with you.

The beginning. The people. The history. The land. The sites. The activities. The end.

If you find you have something you would like to know about this trip – feel free to let me know and I’ll see if I can answer for you.

I’ll be back soon – I’m a slow processor – but I’m worth waiting for!

Hope – Prayer


Today’s happenings in Connecticut shock us to our core.

We are deeply saddened by these events.

The upcoming posts to this blog will deal with the topic of grief.

Grief was nowhere near the topic I believed Holy Spirit would touch on during the time I set aside for Him

Amazed I am again, by the fact that He alone knows what we need before we have need of it.

Holy Spirit gave me some really specific ideas on how to deal with grief.

My intent is to share them with you one at a time.

But for today,

I would ask that you pray with me;


Father in Heaven,

We do not understand how it is that such things happen.

We ask that You send the Comforter to the families of the slain.

We ask that You help them and us, to process this pain in a Godly way.

As strange as it seems to ask today, we ask that You be glorified.

We ask that You help Your people to show love and hope to this entire community.

Christ in us, the Hope of glory.

You are our only hope God.

As much as we can today, we leave this with You.

The world we live in appears hope-less.

Somehow as only You can do, please show Yourself.

In You alone is our hope.

As Christ on the cross said,

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

It’s a long road on some days to forgiveness God.

Help our hearts to not be hardened on our way to that place.

In Jesus Name.