Hindsight 20/20

Several years ago, (17 to be exact) I came across a teaching by a Seattle pastor named Casey Treat.

The name of the series was “The Orphan Heart”.

I had not even heard of that before, but it caught my attention.

The book was entitled “Healing the Orphan Heart”.

In a nutshell, Casey maintained that the orphan heart is mainly caused by the “lack of biblical fathering”, that “causes many people to struggle with inferiority, insecurity, and defensiveness.”

“If your heart is orphaned, your life is broken; and if your heart is whole, your life is whole.”

“If you pursue a whole heart there is no limit to what God can do in your life.”

Healing the Orphaned Heart by Casey Treat

I’ve been hearing the term” Orphaned Heart” in many different places recently, so this made me want to go back, and look at the topic again.

Oh my goodness how that topic has been expanded.

To tell the truth, I think that quarantine time has managed to show me that some of those issues, although healed, are trying to come back.

Join me while I go and look back, (Hindsight 20/20 in 2020) and then look forward again.

My hope is that together, we can get a bigger perspective, and catch some more healing for our souls.

Since the resources are so vast, I’ll just post on this on Wednesdays, so that we can learn together.

I look forward to learning more about it with you!

Until next time …

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