The Value of Quietude #1 – The Noise That Lies

Have you ever been told that you’re “Too much”?

I’ve been told this one way or another for my entire life.

How about you?

I’m here to tell you –

You are NOT too much –

You are just right!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Go out there and be just as crazy, busy, quiet, bold, and heartfelt as you were created to be.

Shine with the things that you created to shine for.

You may never know how much your life will encourage someone.

Your voice may be just the one they need to hear.

Please feel free to comment after you see this video.

Let me know your best area to shine!

Until next time …

2 thoughts on “The Value of Quietude #1 – The Noise That Lies

  1. Deborah, I appreciate your discussion as well as your video presentation. The use of the word “quietude” is a descriptive way to call the peace we all wish to experience on the inside of our life. During these challenging times, we all need to faithfully come to our Lord. His Word will fill us with His Spirit; we will experience greater moments living in quietude. God’s peace!

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