This Weeks 5 for 5 Brain Dump Challenge

If you don’t know what a Brain Dump is – You can go Here to Find Out.

This weeks challenge/Prompt is this question …..


What does it mean to be alive?

We will write about this prompt each day this week.

When we do this, each day seems to get a little deeper.

When I do this I tend to find out out things I didn’t even know I thought.

So join me, won’t you?


Day #1. We are to consider this question each day of the week. It is a multi-layered question, and I don’t know how to answer it – but here goes.

To be alive to some, I am sure, is simply about breathing in air, taking up space. To others, just to wake up, to not have their life taken in their sleep.

I want my life to be more than that. I want it to be about noticing what others miss. In my mind. With my eyes. Using all my senses, breathing in the air whether it is new or stale, musty or fresh like spring. Air that either assaults my senses, or soothes them.


That’s it. 5 minutes already?

Until next time.


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