Change Your Game

Around 2012, I was invited to a conference in Dallas that helped me to move along a little further on the path.

Still in the process of finding Personality and Persona, and still learning more and more about God and His character.

This conference was a bit like the conference in 2008, only on steroids.

At this conference, we were encouraged to not be happy with only changing who we thought we were in God’s eyes, but to be the ones who helped those around us to make the change for their own selves.

You know. Be the change. Be “Game Changers”.

Time for that upgrade?

We won’t have time here for three days worth of info.

I’ll just share one step.

It’s a big step, but a place to begin.

God wants us to learn to trust Him. He is consistently trying to teach us how to do that.

“There are two things God is doing. He is teaching us how to trust Him. It is really difficult to become Christ like when everything is going well. You do not learn the beauty of it when things are going well, because you are busy enjoying it and it is exactly the right thing to do. But when it is not going well, when it is hard, that is when God finds out things about us. That is when we learn to trust Him and when He learns to trust us. That is the second thing God is doing. He is bringing us to a place where he can trust us.” Graham Cooke

We have to know who God is for us; every single day, in the good times and the bad.

  • Who is God for me when things are going wrong?
  • Who is God for me when favor is being displayed?
  • Who is God for me when I am in need?
  • Who is God for me when I need more resources?
  • Who is God for me on any given day?
  • How does God see me?
  • How does He think about me?
  • How does He talk about me?

Answers to these questions come by experience with God.

From that experience comes the knowledge of who He is, and an encounter with Him that builds trust.

“What you think about God is the most important thought you’re ever going to have.

What you think about God is everything and you have to work it out.

If you do not know that vital stuff about God, you are always going to struggle when the heat is on.

It is what you know about God that keeps you, that makes you stand, that makes you get up, and that makes you walk.

Our true identity is made up of who we are on earth and how we are known in heaven.

You have an identity that heaven knows and understands.

You are known in heaven!”

Join me on Friday for the last installment about who you are.

2 thoughts on “Change Your Game

  1. This is true, most of the time we are eager to pray when we don’t have any hope just Him. And this is the greatest lesson I learned in my life, praying every single day and thanking God is very important. Because He is with us through thick and thin. Why we can’t return the favor? Amazing post, thank you for sharing.

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  2. “Answers to these questions come by experience with God.” It’s really, (I mean REALLY) important to come to the understanding that nearly (if not all) ‘heart relationship with God’ questions cannot be answered with the power of intellectual, doctrinal, or theological proposition reasonings. Unfortunately, that’s how a great many Believers have trained to relate to the Lord…with their heads instead of their hearts. Truth be told, they haven’t actually been shown how to do that because it seems to me that many leaders don’t know how themselves….so how could they train anyone else.

    I love how Bill Johnson also says it, “Discover your own personal story with God.” The challenge with that is that it takes hard choices and isn’t normally convenient. And there we have it! We, in the West are a ‘convenience-driven’ culture. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for me to overcome (and I’m still overcome) is learning to be ‘instant in season and out of season’. Growth in experience with God doesn’t wait for convenience. In fact, the choices made during inconvenience (can we say the majority of the time) is the proving ground for rich, wonderful growth in Him. (And the inconvenience never feels good, but the fruit is juicy).


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