I Did It Backwards

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Do you know, really? 

Or are you like many others, and just feel a lot of confusion about that?

Not only do you not know who you are, but you can’t help but listen when others try and convince you who THEY think you should be.

I did it backwards.  It took forty plus years to get here.  I’d love it if I could save you all that time and trauma by helping you to start in the right order.

I spent a lifetime trying to figure out what I was and where I was.  What I didn’t realize is that I first had to know WHO I was.

So won’t you join me for the next five posts, where we’ll look at some different personality types, and how they apply to you.

Finding out about these was a super helpful step for me.

I know exactly who I am; I also know that I keep growing and changing into a more fully developed me.

I invite you to come along for Cliffs Notes version look at your personality.

See you next time.


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