This Weeks 5 for 5 Brain Dump Challenge Day #3

What Does  It Mean to Be Alive?

Although I was not all that pleased with this entry, it IS part of the process, so I put it here any way.

Another way you can know you are alive is more emotional than with your senses.

What is your response when you hear the news of hurricanes and fires and flooding? Do you get all teary? Do you have the urge to reach out and help someone? Are you driven to your knees in prayer?

Or are you flat?

Do you feel anything?

Are you alive?

There are times when you may feel nothing just because you are overwhelmed. The emotion is stuck in there. You don’t even know how to express it.

Being alive would be seeking to find the best way for you to handle it.

You are alive either way.


( This all seemed inconclusive and disconnected today. Too distracted? Part of the learning curve I guess. Ideas or thoughts you may have? Please share.)




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