Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (5)

My story.

Back in the spring, my husband and I attended the Iowa Bible Reading Marathon on Des Moines. It was held in the rotunda of the Iowa State capital. We were quite touched and honored to be allowed to do so, because so many Christians in the world do not have that privilege.

After the reading in our state capital, the leaders of that event, and intercessors across the state saw a great many changes not only at the Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 143state level, but on the local level as well.

The dream of reading at each county courthouse in Iowa had begun.

Governor Brandstad signed a proclamation encouraging all Iowans to participate in the Bible reading events, and to read their Bibles every day until Christ returns.

The moment I heard of the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon, I called and signed up to lead the charge in Muscatine County. The moment I hung up the phone, of course, I wondered just what I had gotten myself into.

I was discouraged by some who said that the Board of Supervisors may never let that happen. Faith in place. Check. The call came after their meeting, that the vote was UNANIMOUS to allow the event.

Turns out, that was the easy part. Problems came from every direction. From computer glitches, to nay sayers, to just too, too much on the schedule. Distractions of every kind.

I was sent the names of two who wanted to be co-captains with me. They never answered my calls. How could I possibly go four days without sleep? I ended up captaining the entire event by myself, seemingly and to a point. (More on that later) 13636110_140421523050782_1983488775_n

A group of folks thought they may be able to cover the overnights. They tried, but just could not make it happen. At any rate, the overnight hours just never filled up, so it was decided to scratch them off the list. If you read the other posts, then you already know that GOD had a problem, and HE was going to have to handle it.

And handle it He did. You’ll notice in the posts that there was quite a bit of what  “I” did, but somewhere in there, “I” became “We”. God sent so many people to help along the way. (There will be a separate posts for these people) The only tenacity I can claim, is the faith that God would cover it all. If it failed, it would not be on me.

Our God, Does Not Fail.


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