Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (6)

The Needs That Were Met;

As I said in a previous post, God saw the holes in the reading schedule, and filled every one. Every time I told Him He had a problem, He fixed it.

We talked once in our small group how God wants to lavish us with not only with grace, but also physical blessings;

Ephesians 1:7-8 (NASB) … according to the riches of His grace 8 which He lavished on us. In all wisdom and insight…
Isaiah 25:6 (NASB) The Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples on this mountain;…

I knew going in that personally, I was in for the long haul, but God had a plan for that beforehand. I am not accustomed to 18 hour days, but the Holy Spirit “lavished” me with strength, He “lavished”me with helpers, and He “lavished” me with new friendships.

This post is primarily about the help that He sent.

The first day, my husband helped me set up stayed on site until every thing was rolling well.

Along came my friend Heather, who for this event (and many others before) came to be by my side. My armor bearer, if you will. My Aaron. She covered a few open reading slots, brought coffee refills, lunch and even breakfast one day. She made sure I drank plenty of water, and got to go on appropriate potty breaks. She put in many hours at my side. She “lavished” me with her love and support. I am grateful.

Then there was Joy, who was there for 3 of the 4 days, always with her smile, her humor, and her hugs. Her smile and her laugh gave me joy and strength.

What can I say about Earl? Who read and read, provided donuts and support when it came time to load the truck. Thank you Earl (and Dana). Your hearts for Jesus and God’s word is contagious!

Last but not least, were Dale, Patty and Brian. They all read a few places where it was needed. However the thing that stuck me most, was how they all showed back up at 10:00 so that loading time would be 5 minutes instead of 30. Whatever they were doing, they dropped and gave of themselves so that I could get another 20 minutes of sleep. Can you spell love? They not only spelled it, but they showed it by their actions.

So you see, the girl who started out pretty alone, ended up not alone in the least, and she was feeling  “Lavished” I tell you “Lavished”.

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