Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (4)

Sunday – Day 4

Being Sunday morning and all, the sign ups were the most scarce of any of the days.

Once again, I was talking to God about HIS invitations. Many people were walking up to read, and each time there was a gap, I would remind God that HE had a problem, and asked Him what HE was going to do about it.

Each time, EACH AND EVERY TIME, a couple of people would walk up one of the walk ways to volunteer.

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Previously, we were fairly certain that we would not be able to reach the goal of reading the ENTIRE Bible, due to the fact that we had taken the night reading time slots off the table. We had begun devising a plan for how we could finish this project during the next couple of weeks.

Well, God had a different idea! By noon, there were so many readers there, that we took what was left of the Bible and divvied up the chapters left, and sent each reader to a different spot to read.

We finished our entire reading by 2:30!

Our faith and God’s problem, went together quite well!

Well, that is how the days went. God is Ever Faithful.

We want you to see what God can do when we combine our faith and His Faithfulness together. So please come back again to read about some individual stories.

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