Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (2)

Day 2.

Knowing that the readings needed to begin at 6:00, I knew I’d need to get up early to make it on time. I asked my husband to wake me up. He did as I asked, only with one problem, I told him a time an hour too late!

I woke up with a shout of the first readers name on my lips and leaped into action.That was the fastest shower ever, and I know the dog looked at me like I was a crazy person when I shoved him out the door! I dressed, then drove quickly to the court house, arriving a scant three minutes before my first reader. Podium and Bible in place, she began to read while I unpacked the truck and began setting up.

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Friday mornings schedule was full until just after lunch time with readers that had signed up on line ahead of time. Between lunch and supper was a very large empty space. My only thought was that God would have to fill it. It was then hat I began checking my emails, and to my great joy, people were still signing in on line, filling up those spaces.

There were a great many walk-ups, personal friends asking where they could fill in and wanting to be put on call. One man I had never met before, walked up and filled six time slots for he and his family.

Friday was an amazing success, because God knows what we needed, before we needed it, and we trusted Him to supply ALL our needs. (More on that later)

Two friends helped to load up the truck at 10:00, and off home I went.


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