No Through Traffic

I pray that you and yours will have the merriest of Christmas’.

 I pray that each and every tense moment;

you will be able to quiet yourself in Him,

and show His glory. After all, He IS the reason we sing!


God has been helping me to identify correctly something that has been blocking my path for quite some time.

The problem is that there are times that we are being blocked; We may not know it. We may not see it. Or there are always times, we do see it, but we do not recognize what it is.

I found myself in the latter category.

When we ask God to clean out the corners of our insides, He is of course faithful to do it.

The topic He brought to my attention could not have been any more appropriate for where I find myself today.

 I think that there are some things we could learn at any time, but God saves these lessons for us, so that the maximum impact can be made. The truth of that impact is not then lost in the business of everyday life.  

I do not believe in coincidence. Only God encounters. Encounters that change our lives at the exact moment the change is needed.  Significant Encounters.

Over time, if you will allow me to, I would like to share my process with you.

The topic that has been a blockage is grief…… See I told you, appropriate right?

Up until now I have only considered grief as in the death of a loved one.

I believe God has chosen now to help me to realize that grief can be brought about in many ways, not just loss of life. Grief can come in the form of the loss of a job, loss of relationship, loss of health, divorce or other changes in long time family structure, changes in lifestyle, whether intentional or not. It is even possible to grieve for loss of childhood or loss of whatever one did not receive as a child. Not stuff mind you, but love, attention, emotional, physical or spiritual support, the things that could and probably would have raised your potential.

My story is both long and dark, but my Father in Heaven is both Big and Bright. He shined a spotlight, on many, many of things blocking my path

Journal excerpt; Loss produces grief. God gives grace for that season, but when that season is finished, if we do not move away from grief, it saps our strength – Shock, denial, bargaining, depression, anger, guilt, confusion must give way to →hope, and acceptance.

Denying these emotions can cause festering and then manifesting in harmful ways = addiction, chronic depression, fits of anger, or physical illness.

*Seasons of guilt incompletely dealt with can turn into STRONGHOLDS of grief.

Grieving that goes on too long robs our strength. The very strength we need to move on to our next season, our season of inheritance.

(I must also cite the book “Possessing Your Inheritance” by Chuck D. Pierce and Rebecca Wagner Systema)

Please ponder these things with me, and next time I will share with you some choices we can all make to get on to the other business God has for us to do.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

2 thoughts on “No Through Traffic

  1. This was a beautiful post…I really connected with what you said “Denying these emotions can cause festering and then manifesting in harmful ways = addiction, chronic depression, fits of anger, or physical illness.” So true, so true.


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