Dazed and Confused

Well after the elections yesterday,

It is a sure thing that at least 50 % of us are dazed and confused.

No matter which way we voted,

It was clearly a split decision.


Questions we’ve been hearing all day long;

So what does this do to or for our country?

What does this say about our standing with our neighbors?

What does this say about our standing with God?

Will we ever be able to agree to disagree?

Can we speak civilly to each other after this?


If we wanted the decision this way,

Could we respect an opposing view?

If we hold an opposing view,

Could we respect the office?


Many decisions were made in different parts of the country.

We can agree with them,

or we can disagree.


We can, if we choose,

treat each other with respect and not disdain.

The disdain tactic has never really worked.

We have only walked away bloodied and damaged,

and farther down the road of division.


I certainly do not agree with every decision that was made,

nor do you,

but over the years since America has been America,

our sons and daughters,

fathers and mothers,

uncles and aunts,

have given their lives so we could have this freedom. 

This freedom to disagree.


So today, I choose,

to speak with respect,

even when I do not agree.

I choose to honor others in their right to believe what they wish.

I choose to do what my mother and her mother before her said over and over again;

“If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”


Could I ask the same of you?


Some changes need to be made in our hearts and our minds.


Following is a song about One Thing that never changes.


Please enjoy it as you consider these other choices that need to be made.

The One Thing


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

5 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused

  1. The blogs are quiet tonight. I think everyone must be in mourning or something. Do you find it unusually quiet? Not alot of posts…? God bless you by the way! I enjoyed your post. So very true.


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