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Reality or Dream?

Something happened in an old stairway in our hotel in Israel.

(You can read about our trip beginning here; https://significantencounters.com/2019/09/21/home-again/)

The elevators were dreadfully slow.

It would not be uncommon for the elevator to take up to ten minutes to arrive at your floor.

So we opted to take the back stairs;

You know, the ones that the employees use?

I failed to take photos; and here’s why –

I was so freaked out because we didn’t know which floor to get off on because…..

All the signs were in Hebrew!

חדר מדרגות

(Stairway in Hebrew)

The stairs looked somewhat like these.

(This photo of InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile is courtesy of TripAdvisor )

It was like one of those nightmares you have, where you go up some stairs, realize they are the wrong ones, and when you turn around the way you came, it’s all wrong!

I’m not afraid of much, but I was certainly in a panic when I realized it was a real deal, and I wasn’t going to wake up!

For a moment it was a tad like being in one of those drawings by M.C. Escher. https://mcescher.com/ Crazy with no way out!

The panic did subside when I remembered it was a hallway in a chain hotel, and that we would soon find our way out to where the people were.

I really just wanted to share with you a moment, or ten, where what was real, and what was nightmarish, briefly came together.

But we’re safe now, and I hope you’ll join me again on Friday for more Friday Favorites.

Our Weekend at Union Station in St. Louis – A Photo Journal

Architecture from the entertainment area.
Our room was on the ground floor under the word HOTEL.
Thankfully – the music stopped at 10:00!
I had to erase the sound – copyright – but imagine the song “Gloria” by Laura Brannigan – Really loud!
Just right for the kiddos!
Great signage.
Easy to get in all your steps!
Steps, steps, and more steps.
Resting places.
Tucked in everywhere.
Just dream about the stories this stairway could tell!
Gorgeous formal entry.
Ladies to the left, Gents to the right.
Just beautiful.
There is an ever changing light show done on this ceiling.
But boo … I seemed to have missed it.
You can almost picture the crowds coming and going when train travel was at it’s peak!
You know I love some good lines …
Our room was ground floor way up on the right – close to the music!
6th floor view of where the entertainment happens.
A full water feature – so soothing to the nerves.
If you are ever anywhere near Union Station – This place is hard to beat for a tasty, affordable meal, with excellent service.
A final glance from the parking lot.

I hope you enjoyed your armchair trip of Union Station in St. Louis, and that you will join me again next time.

“Help Mate?”


I had a neat idea for today’s post,

but after finally getting up and getting around,

My plans were changed.

So here is the story, and the result of that change.

For the first 20 years of living here, we heated our home with wood.

It was so efficient, you could say we overheated it.

We heated our entire home with a wood stove like this one.

Over the past ten years or so, the labor has become to intensive for us to handle keeping it going.

So this year, it will go to our nephew in Missouri when we visit for a family gathering.

Of course it had to be uninstalled, which means that someone has to go up on the roof, and disengage the stove pipe, and squirrel cage, and the venting.

My husband has some usual suspects that he calls for these things.

Some were in the field.

Some were out of town.

Some were simply unavailable.

When I hear the call, “Help Mate?” I know that something I don’t want to do will surely follow.

Something loud. Something heavy. Something hard.

On this occasion – Something was UP!

Let me state very clearly – I do not do UP.

Until today.

Knowing that I would likely never have this opportunity again;

Here are the photos I took from a place called – UP.

Again, I don’t do UP, so the photos are not real high quality,

but they are real.


It truthfully wasn’t so bad after the initial shock of it.

But my feet are on the ground now.

And hopefully, they will stay there.

Until next time …