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A Moment of Quiet

Here for you. A quiescent moment. Quietude, if you will.

I began making these videos for my self, then thought I should share.

Some days I need it more than others.

Maybe you do too?

If so, more are available on my YouTube page at DeborahSPC.

quiescent = being at rest; quiet; still; inactive or motionless: a quiescent mind.

quietude = the state of being quiet; tranquility; calmness; stillness; quiet.

Writing Challenge

Like most days, today I took a writing challenge.

Today, I thought the writing would be quite shareable.


Clouds and sky are compelling to me lately. It does not matter if it is rainy or sunny. Where the green meets the sky, it compels me to click. To stop clicking, would be to miss something. It is to me a clear image of God’s glory. No retina burns on my eyes, just a reflection of Him to be collected and enjoyed.

If you would like to join in some writing challenges yourself, visit my friend Julie Here.

Thanks for joining me here Under the Hill.