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Prince of Peace

“100% Human – 100% God”

“Waiting for a Savior”

“Wonderful Counselor”

“Mighty God”

“Prince of Peace”

“There is nothing more

Captivating than a prince for a Princess.”


Words I heard during three services at church this weekend.

Sticky words.  Words requiring pondering. Careful consideration.

Resounding words to my heart.


100% Human – Jesus came to us as 100% human

                In order that HE should know what being human was like.

                He gave up His God-ness to share in our humanity.


100% God – Jesus came and remained 100% God-

                In order that He could save us from our sin.

                He laid aside His God-ness for our benefit.


The Jews were awaiting a Savior –

One to release them from the control the Roman Empire.

What they got for their waiting was an innocent, helpless baby.


This Baby Savior, this helpless innocent –

                Turned out to be a Mighty King.

                The powerful ruler of a heavenly kingdom.


He is the Prince of Peace –

                Not peace as the world gives,

                But peace that can only be experienced a heavenly realm.


Jesus IS the Prince of Peace-

                Calling on us, to be His Princess.

                                On the day we receive Him,

                                                We become His spotless Bride.


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