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Friday Favorites – Bird Songs

When I hear this sound, it takes me back to my childhood. I’m at Gram-pa’s farm, walking the fence rows to the pond. Such a simple time.

These little guys are always happy. They always have something to sing about. We should take lessons from them!

Nothing says Spring like the sound of the Robin!

Wide eyed and feisty!

This. This sound brings calm to my soul. When I hear it, I know I’m home. Wherever I am.

Back to Gram-pas farm, and here where I am now. The best of both worlds!

With Winter, comes this little guy. Such a clown – always out for a good time. Can you hear him laughing?

Thank you for joining me on this little audio tour.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Until next time …

Friday Favorite’s –

Who can forget growing up, (or raising your kids) and hearing this song?

If you remember running to watch this show, then you remember this guy too!

Well … I found him again!

And I’m so pleased!

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LaVar Burton Reads

Hearing his voice again creates a sweet feeling of deja vu.

Maybe you can sense it too!

Until next time …