Friday Favorite’s –

Who can forget growing up, (or raising your kids) and hearing this song?

If you remember running to watch this show, then you remember this guy too!

Well … I found him again!

And I’m so pleased!

Podnews® shows you where you can get pod casts of

LaVar Burton Reads

Hearing his voice again creates a sweet feeling of deja vu.

Maybe you can sense it too!

Until next time …

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorite’s –

  1. I watched Levar Burton growing up. What’s interesting and gave me butterflies is that I learned my husband listens to a podcast he has. It was as contagious as it was as I was younger and occasionally listen to in the car, now that I have a little more time, I think i’ll plan out how to add this to our days. Crazy thing is he’s more fired up now the he ever has been. He’s in his passion!! Thanks for the reminder!

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