A Quiet Weekend Away

We got to spend a little time away this weekend.

We went to the village of Williams Bay, Wisconsin to the Conference Point Center.

It was a lovely place to be, as you will see. The Soderquist Lodge was our home for the weekend.

At first glance.
Roughing it. Not.

We went to attend the Aglow International Southwestern Wisconsin 2020 Rising “SPRING” retreat.

Our friend Sandy was the speaker.

She spoke to us about how important our jobs are.

Even if they look small to us.

She encouraged us to Dream Small.

It’s the little things you do every day that matter.

Boy I needed to hear that one!

She encouraged us to do what we were created to do;

And reminded us that the ordinary stuff is not so ordinary after all.

The view from our room.
Within a stones throw!
Just a little walk.
Too bad we didn’t have a boat!
My guy is always silly!
So relaxing.
So peaceful.

Of course have no idea how many groups of people canceled their time at this amazing venue due to COVID19.

It was not nearly as crowded as would be normal.

Bad for them, but great for us.

Every single thing it seems, was there just for us.

Until next time …

Friday Favorites; Fictional Places

If you were given the option; of all the fictional places you know about – where would you go?

I would no doubt choose Rivendell.

Rivendell is an Elven valley in the fictional world of Middle-earth created by J. R. R. Tolkien. It was established in the Second Age by Elrond Half-elven, who protected it with the powers of his elven ring Vilya and ruled it until the events of The Lord of the Rings four or five thousand years later. Wikipedia

Turns out, the inspiration for Rivendell was taken from Lauterbrunnen, Switzterland.

Please share your answer in the comment section.

Until next time …