You Is Important

This random thought came to my mind the other day.

Maybe not so random though since I believe that each of us is “Fearfully and wonderfully made”. Psalm 139:14.

Here is the thought;

You are important because God says you are important.

The rest is just window dressing.

What do I mean by that statement “just window dressing?”

Simply put; it matters what God thinks.

It matters what you think.

If you have others who think well of you – Fabulous!

If you do not have others who think well of you – it is so sad – but it is not the end.

God, the Creator of absolutely everything, made you.

Just how He wanted you.

And HE adores you!

The rest my friend, is extra.

Until next time …

Simple Question.

When is a simple question not a simple question?

It was our second Sunday back in “Real” church.

Livestream church and YouTube church are still available for those who aren’t ready yet to mingle; my husband and I have been ready for weeks!


I often take notes during church.

My brain is such that the very minute I think “I know I won’t forget that!”, then I better write it down right away.

I want to share a few notes here with you.

Incomplete sentences, but very complete thoughts.

If you would care to share in the comments, I would love to see if how these fragments sit with you.

  • What’s the (my) problem?
  • Am I willing to put His answer into practice?
  • Pharisees = Religious Police.
  • Jesus WAS old school, a traditionalist.
  • Uncleanness comes from the heart.

I’m still toying with my answers.

As I’ve said here many times, growth is an “Inside job”.

So, inside I go.

Until next time …

Friday Favorites

I can safely say that one of my favorite blogs is written by this gal.

She is both a really good thinker, AND, my daughter.

She grew up being taught not what to think, but how to think.

Gives me heartburn sometimes these days, because we don’t always agree.

But now, she is re-teaching me the same lessons, and more.

The difference is, now we’re both grown up.

Speaking of grown up – in this photo she is with my original grandson, who is now, grown up too.

Quite capable of thinking for himself.

I was reading through her blog, making sure I didn’t miss a thing, and I re-read her blog post written at graduation time last year.

The advice she gives is good for us all.

Now during this time of world wide fear and unrest, it’s seems appropriate too revisit some of the advice that she shared.

I hope that you can gain some insight from this post just like I did.


The link is under the photo.


Until next time …