Hindsight 20/20 – #3

For this post today, we’ll look at some traits that are common with the orphan heart.

I copied some traits here from the link that I placed near the end.

For those who think they could be suffering from an orphaned heart, it is a good place to begin.

1. The orphan spirit operates out of insecurity and jealousy. The spirit of sonship functions out of love and acceptance.

2. The orphan spirit is jealous of the success of his brothers. The mature son is committed to the success of his brothers.

3. The orphan spirit serves God to earn the Father’s love. The mature son serves God out of a sense of divine acceptance and favor.

4. The orphan spirit tries to medicate his deep internal alienation through physical stimulation. The mature son walks in the joy and presence of the Lord for comfort.

5. The orphan spirit is driven by the need for success. The Spirit leads the mature son into his calling and mission.

6. The orphan spirit uses people as objects to fulfill their goals. Mature sons serve people to bless the kingdom.

7. The orphan spirit repels their children. The spirit of sonship attracts their children.

8. The orphan spirit has issues with anger and fits of rage. The spirit of sonship rests in the Father’s ability to control and guide their future.

9. The orphan spirit is always in competition with others. The spirit of sonship is always blessing others

10. The orphan spirit has a lack of self-esteem. The spirit of sonship walks in the love and acceptance of Father God.

11. The orphan spirit receives their primary identity through material possessions, their physical appearance, and activities. The spirit of sonship has their identity grounded in their sonship and their Father’s affirmation.

The complete article well defines the traits of the two opposite hearts.

Join me next time for post #4 in this series.

Some steps to help heal the orphan heart.

Until then …

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