About That Passion of Yours…..


1aug2017 (2)

I’ve been spending the last several months looking at live streaming through the eyes of a group called The PeriGirls.

Through this group, I have seen so many different things.

The things that people are passionate about, and how they address those passions in their daily lives.

There are as many different passions as there are women.

Agree with some, disagree with others, but always, always, always value the woman behind the passion.

Through ThePeriGirls, I have been able to look at my interests over the years, and evaluate whether they are “Passions” or just things I like.

I have been able to distill those interests down to three. Two of which can be put to good use on this blog. (I knew I was holding on to this domain name for a reason –  these gals are definitely a large kind of Significant Encounter!)

It will be fun to get engaged with blogging again, and I know that my “Peri-Sisters” will keep me accountable, and give me that nudge, or even that PUSH to keep me moving.

I have joined hands with a few women who encourage me to keep moving. They are helping me to enjoy the journey even more than I had in the past.

So. Please join me in the future to see just how things turn out.

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