A Huge Shout Out!

A huge shout out to Julie Jordan Scott who has inspired and encouraged me to write.

I never thought I would need someone to encourage me in that, since I love writing and words and such.

I have enjoyed her process. So much so, that I can feel the fog receding from my mind. For sure it took a long time fogging up, but the process is helping me out very quickly.

I used this prompt to begin here again. Not earth shattering by any means, but a beginning none the less.

5 minutes. And go…

My desk. Early morning. Sun streaming in. The intense heat of summer has pushed my work space to the desk down stairs. And then on a cool morning, I find my real working space piled high with what should be put away, except for the stifling heat that sends me off to less stuffy places. This space, screams to me for order, but order probably won’t come for another month. Except in fits and starts of early morning coolness. And then, I

5 minute brain dump; 5 Aug 2017

only stare at it. Waiting. Waiting for my attention, piling up more. A monument to creativity past, and possibilities future.

Thanks for joining me here.

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

Please join Julie’s link up above if you want to get more detail on this process.


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