What’s your One Word for 2015?

I’m joining in with the Beloved Brews writing challenge.

You can read about it at http://www.faithbarista.com/category/belovedbrews-linkup/

She gives the prompt, and writers write.

Easy enough right?

We’ll see.
What’s Your One Word for 2015?


Adjective. Excitedly anticipating something. Excitedly aware that something is about to happen. Expecting something, especially something that will bring success or wealth.
Eager, hopeful, in suspense, hoping.

What am I expectant for? Good question. Something. What? Not sure. When will this something take place? Don’t know. I do not know where or how. I only know that it will.
There are two things I know for sure. Who. That would be God. And why. Because He knows the plans He has for me. Plans for a future and a hope.
2014 was a year of great introspection for me. Every year is really. This year was very different though, and there was one book responsible for the trip back inward. A trip I thought I was finished with.
The book was “Finding Spiritual Whitespace”, by Bonnie Gray. I had been reading her Faith Barista blog sporadically for quite a while. I did not want another book. I did not need another book. But when I saw the little video about THIS book, it beckoned me.
Amazon one-click purchasing is so fast, and usually I can have my book selection in hand within moments on my Kindle. This time, I was compelled to purchase the real book. My intent was to read the book, oh so quickly, and put it on the shelf with all the others. That did not happen. Instead, pen in hand, purple ink began to show up in the margins and all along certain sentences. Way too many to just fly past. I found myself reading and rereading some passages and wondering if this woman and I had been perhaps separated at birth. Not so much by the EVENTS that took place in our lives, but by the shadows that they left behind. The shadows that followed me around even after I thought I had exposed them. The shadows that were holding me captive in ways I did not have language for. This book began to expose yet another level of pain/hurt/history that needed to be excavated.
The blockage, like writers block, has kept me from writing the words I want to write, to help the ones I want to help. I know what God has done, and continues to do in my story, and my heart is to share it. The block is that I do not know how.
So maybe EXPECTANT is the word that tells me that God will show me and allow me, to share my story in some meaningful way this year. Knowing what is in your heart, and getting it said, are two different issues.
I long to share it, but not if I cannot share it well.

4 thoughts on “What’s your One Word for 2015?

  1. Expectant is so full of hope, anticipation and excitement. Praying for God to work through you to birth your story, bring to life new beginnings and start new chapters in your life. (your neighbor at Beloved Brews this morning)


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