Perfect Timing


Today I had an opportunity to do a couple of things I really love doing.

I got to meet with an amazing group of ladies for Bible study, and then with some of those ladies, I got to participate is some pretty in depth conversation at our Directors meeting. Those women help my brain go where it won’t go on its own. What a blessing.

In the Bible study we read from Galatians 5:13-26. We talked about the lists in these verses. The first items listed are detestable, the state of our hearts. The second list was much more palatable to my senses.

After discussing the way we were born into this world, and how we get to choose to become the second list instead of the first, we could wonder why after all these years we are not further than we are.

When I arrived home, I heard this quote on the Revive Our Hearts program with Nancy Leigh DeMoss ~ One of her past mentors said it t o her ~

“Maturity.  It’s not where you’re at.  It’s the direction in which you’re headed.”

You have perfect timing God, always.


Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


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