4 Reasons Why You Need Manna from Heaven


What is it and

Why do we need it?


A recent conversation with a dear friend, brought to my mind the manna mentioned in the Old Testament.

I know what it means, but thought I’d look it up just the same.

I checked the Encarta Dictionary: English (North America)

There are four entries.

Only the first one was not a surprise.

Manna – noun

1. Divinely provided sustenance

In the Bible, food provided miraculously to feed the Israelites in the wilderness

When mentioned in the Old Testament, we are told that when the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for forty years, the food was scarce.

God therefore provided food for them supernaturally.

I’m not friends with numbers, but I’ve heard estimates that there were most likely well over a million in that wilderness.

A million people and their livestock.

Daily, God would provide food for them.

It looked a bit like little white stones or tiny rounds of bread.

When the Israelites woke up from their sleep,

All they had to do was gather it in baskets from the ground.

It sustained every living creature with them.

On the sixth day of the week, they would gather enough manna for two days.

The seventh day was saved to honor God by resting.

Now here’s the thing;

 If they tried to save it at any other time,

When they returned to it, the manna would be full of worms and maggots.

It was only good for one day, except for the last day of the week.


2. Unexpected benefits

Something very welcome or of great benefit that comes unexpectedly

Think of it.

The very same food.

Every day for forty years.

So I’m thinking not maybe so welcome after a long while.

Yet it was food that sustained them,

Filled them,

Kept them from starvation.


3. Sweet substance from ash tree

A pale yellow sugary gum exuded by the European ash tree. Use: formerly, as a laxative.

Now that would be an unexpected benefit!

Everybody would be regular.

Cuts down on some general crankiness you know.


4.  Sweet substance exuded by a tamarisk tree

A sweet substance exuded by a tamarisk tree when its bark is punctured by a scale insect.

So the Israelites even got their “sweet tooth” taken care of also.


Ok, so why did I tell you all this?

I saw some very interesting connections here as compared to our lives today.


1.  These folks were in the wilderness.

They had absolutely no idea what to do next, much less trying to figure out how to feed all these folks until they reached their destination. 

They knew they were to end up in the Promised Land, but could see no earthly way for that to happen.

Do you feel like this might be you?

Don’t despair.

God’s Word tells us this inLamentations 3:22-24 (NIV1984)

22 Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23 They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. 24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.”

His compassions for us are new EVERY morning.

We have to take time to gather it daily.

Matthew 6:8b (CEV)

Your Father knows what you need before you ask.

-He gives us what we need when we have need of it

2.  This mass of people were milling around, no doubt very concerned about what would become of them.

Then, as if out of nowhere, their provision is made.

The instructions were simple.

Gather every day, for that day.

Toss the leftovers.

Tomorrow morning, do it again.

Gather.  Eat.  Toss.  Repeat.


3.  Now I can’t say for sure, I certainly wasn’t there, but I’m fairly certain that after frying, boiling, blanching, simmering, baking that same food every day, you might come up with some gastrointestinal distress.

Leave it to God to give “Sweet relief”.

Are you looking for some of that relief for yourself today?

Maybe the relief you seek is the physical kind, as in an ailment.

It could be a brain twister you need relief from,

Thoughts that are so baffling that you cannot figure them out,

And you are exhausted in trying.

Maybe it’s a heart issue.

Your heart has been so trampled and damaged that you have no visible means of making it whole again.

Whatever it is,

God has made provision for it.


4.  After you have been “punctured by a scale insect”,

Your Heavenly Father will see that the “sweet substance”,

The oil of His Spirit,

Will come and dress your wounds.

He is ABLE to make you whole again.

So, you see?

The instructions are simple.


Seek Him every morning.

Use what He gives you for that day.

Seek Him every morning.

You will receive unexpected benefits.

Seek Him every morning.

You will find joy and peace.

Seek Him every morning.

Even when the road is in the wilderness.

Seek Him in the morning.

He will clean out the debris that is causing you to be irregular.

Seek Him in the morning.

His Spirit will give you the oil of gladness in spite of your pain.


After all ….. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.




4 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why You Need Manna from Heaven

  1. What is it?
    It’s God’s Word
    What is it?
    Your daily nutrition
    What is it?
    Your life.

    At least that’s what I think Manna is. It may not sound like it’s got applications today, but it does.


    • Thank you Wayne.
      I told my husband the other day that the amazing thing is that when I write something, some one actually reads it. Funny how that works.
      Appreciate you helping to build my platform.


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