He Loves Us Still

We often disobey.

He loves us still.

We are not always “Be ye kind”.

He loves us still.

We are sometimes discontent with His provision.

He loves us still.

We are frequently distracted from focussing on Him.

He loves us still.

He speaks, we do not listen.

He love us still.

We hear, but we do not do.

He loves us still.

We are weak and flawed.

He loves us still.

We have no gifts to bring.

He loves us still.


He is the greatest gift ever given.

A King, disguised as a baby.

Incognito, to a world that would lift His name high.

Hidden, to a world that would seek His death.

A King whose only hearts desire is that we would glorify His Father.

See? There in the hay?

This gift seems so insignificant.

So small. So weak. So … human.

He knows what it is like to be us.

What will be our gift to Him?

The One who loves us still?


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