Names Mean Something

(Cont. from Death Structures)

In the Old Testament of the Bible you will find many names changes.

Jacobs name meant “Deceiver or Trickster”, God changed it to Israel.

                                Israel literally means “He has striven with God”.

Abrams name meant “Exalted Father”.  God changed it to Abraham.

  Abraham means “Father of many nations”.

Sarai meant “Princess”.  God changed it to Sarah.

                                Sarah literally means “Mother of nations”.

In the New Testament you will find name changes as well.

Saul’s name meant “Prayed for”.  God changed it to Paul.

                                Paul means “Small or humble”.

Simon means “To be heard”.  God changed it to Peter.

                      Peter means “The rock”.

Specifically Abraham’s name change signaled a better covenant with God. 

God called him to walk mighty, and blameless before Him. 

God confirmed His covenant with Abraham and enlarged his numbers greatly.

In Genesis 17:15  it states that kings of peoples will come from Sarah.

A new relationship with God often required a new name. 

The new name signified that new relationship. 

God honor bestowed Abraham and Sarah by changing their names to encourage and confirm their faith.

New names are a symbol of when someone has “A Significant Encounter” with God.

My own came during the month of December in 2008.

You can read the story here “A Significant Encounter” (post)

It was on this day that I came to an intersection. 

It was an intersection of decision.

On this day I had to decide if I believed what God said about me all the way, or just some of it, or any of it , for that matter..

This decision was a choice to be made between mediocrity, and supernatural kingdom living.

Did I believe His word enough to be “All in” with Him in control, or did I just sort of believe it?

This decision would either propel me to a future of walking each step with God or cause me to to sit the next part of my life out on the sidelines, wondering if I could have been more than mediocre.

One way would be familiar and perhaps boring, but very predictable.

The other would be one of unknown adventures, born of a new relationship with my Heavenly Father. 

Either way, there would be no going back.

So on this day, I made the choice that forever changed the course of my life AND my name.

My birth name was Debbie.  Debbie meaning “bee”, or busy bee, as my mother called me.

On this day it was changed by God to Deborah. 

God called me to be a “bee”, not just fluttering around, but for a purpose.  The bees’ movements mean something.  In nature, every movement a bee makes is focused on his purpose.  Its purpose being exactly the thing God created it for.  To transfer pollen, which creates new life, and to make honey, which is sweet to the taste. 

Deborah in the Old Testament was a queen and a judge.  She held court under a palm tree and her decisions were wise.  Her wisdom came from her relationship with God.  She spoke the truth of God’s word, and the people trusted her.  It was her purpose to make the difficult judgments for the people, using the wisdom she had gained from her relationship with God.

Do you see what God wants to do?

– He wants to change your name –

He wants to change the way you see yourself

He wants you to see you the way He sees you. 

He wants you to completely fulfill the purpose that He created you for.

His motivation is for you to see the truth that He has declared for you even before you were born.

His motivation is for you to be able to accomplish all that He has for you, for the kingdom, and for His glory.


What is your birth name? 

Do you know what it means?

Have you had a “Significant Encounter” with God? 

Do you know your new name?               

Do you know what it means?

5 thoughts on “Names Mean Something

  1. 機會係個天俾嘅 yes. BUT it is only those who are prepared that can see and cpitialaze the chance given. The people who always blames god/命/天 that there is no chance is absolutely wrong! If they haven’t prepared, work hard or think hard, how can they see the chance themselves, even if they see the opportunity is right in front of them, they wont have the skills, connection, knowledge or experience to take advantage of it.How sad!!!Bomb


  2. Good post, Deb…
    It’s also interesting to know that the change in Abraham and Sarah’s names was the addition of the Hebrew letter “Hey.” ( ‘h’ in English). Every letter in the Hebrew alphabet is very significant and points to root meanings of a word. The Hebrew letter “Hey” means “Grace.” The reason (in large part) that Abraham and Sarah became God’s mother and father of nations was because He added His ‘grace’ to their lives. The Hebrew names of people always indicate conditions and destinies of the individual.


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