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Friday Favorites – Photos I Have Taken

Here are a few favorite photos that have been taken by me.

They are by no means professional.

Most were taken with my phone camera.

Little did I know that I could go on and on.

These are where I had to stop.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Shadows Under the Hill
Chilly Morning
A Foggy Beginning
Rainbows End
River View
Land of Ahs.
Back Streets of Joppa
Joppa – Peter’s City
Gai Beach – Tiberias, Israel
The Western Wall – The Wailing Wall
Jerusalem Oh Jerusalem

Until next time …

Friday Favorites – What’s Next?

I have been enjoying doing series’s of blog posts.

Hopefully, they have been of some help, hope, encouragement, and fun for you as well.

The end of the Raw and Real series is coming up soon.

So here in this post I’d like to ask for your help.

What would YOU enjoy?

What would YOU like to see as a series?

What will help YOU out?

What will make YOU think?

What will make YOU smile?

What will make YOU comment?

I’m sharing a list of the series’ I’ve placed on this blog.

Please let me know what YOU would like to see!

5 for 5 Brain Dump Challenge←        

Growing Up Churched

Personalities Series x 5

Digital Time Out Memes x 5

Israel Trip Photo Journal Begins Here

Union Station – St. Louis – Photo Journal

Thanksgiving Vacation – Photo Journal

I look forward to hearing from YOU.

Until next time …