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Right on the Line

On the lighter side today.

Do you have any favorite things to photograph?

It’s not hard to tell I enjoy clouds and sunrises and trees and fog.

But what about lamp posts, railings, and other lines?

They come in all kinds.

Seaside lines.
Riverfront lines.
Lines between countries.
Stay here lines.
Going up lines.
Go all the way around lines.
Make me smile lines.
Distant lines.
Contrast lines.
Flight lines.
Front porch lines.
Helpful lines.
Loopy lines.
Bridge lines.
Corny lines.
Curvy dream filled lines.
Patriotic lines.
Be still my heart lines.
Reach for the sky lines.
Wistful lines.
Night lines.
And one of my favorite lines of all – the Band Line.

Will you share some of yours?