Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (4)

Sunday – Day 4

Being Sunday morning and all, the sign ups were the most scarce of any of the days.

Once again, I was talking to God about HIS invitations. Many people were walking up to read, and each time there was a gap, I would remind God that HE had a problem, and asked Him what HE was going to do about it.

Each time, EACH AND EVERY TIME, a couple of people would walk up one of the walk ways to volunteer.

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Previously, we were fairly certain that we would not be able to reach the goal of reading the ENTIRE Bible, due to the fact that we had taken the night reading time slots off the table. We had begun devising a plan for how we could finish this project during the next couple of weeks.

Well, God had a different idea! By noon, there were so many readers there, that we took what was left of the Bible and divvied up the chapters left, and sent each reader to a different spot to read.

We finished our entire reading by 2:30!

Our faith and God’s problem, went together quite well!

Well, that is how the days went. God is Ever Faithful.

We want you to see what God can do when we combine our faith and His Faithfulness together. So please come back again to read about some individual stories.

Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (3)

Day 3

Saturday morning, the list of readers was full. Until just after lunch. Then, it stopped abruptly with only a smattering of readers in the late afternoon.

I had been telling God all along, (yes telling Him, He is big enough to handle it) that this was His party. The rest of the invitations were His. I had done all I could.

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As I continued to check my emails, I saw that people were consistently STILL signing up on line to read, and what was more, was that people were walking up the side walk to see if THEY could read.

Readers kept coming, singly and in families, in couples and in groups. God was honoring the faith and the “knowing”.

The entire rest of the day was full. FULL. Every time slot filled.

Four friends helped to load up the truck at 10:00, and off home I went.

Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (2)

Day 2.

Knowing that the readings needed to begin at 6:00, I knew I’d need to get up early to make it on time. I asked my husband to wake me up. He did as I asked, only with one problem, I told him a time an hour too late!

I woke up with a shout of the first readers name on my lips and leaped into action.That was the fastest shower ever, and I know the dog looked at me like I was a crazy person when I shoved him out the door! I dressed, then drove quickly to the court house, arriving a scant three minutes before my first reader. Podium and Bible in place, she began to read while I unpacked the truck and began setting up.

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Friday mornings schedule was full until just after lunch time with readers that had signed up on line ahead of time. Between lunch and supper was a very large empty space. My only thought was that God would have to fill it. It was then hat I began checking my emails, and to my great joy, people were still signing in on line, filling up those spaces.

There were a great many walk-ups, personal friends asking where they could fill in and wanting to be put on call. One man I had never met before, walked up and filled six time slots for he and his family.

Friday was an amazing success, because God knows what we needed, before we needed it, and we trusted Him to supply ALL our needs. (More on that later)

Two friends helped to load up the truck at 10:00, and off home I went.


Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (1)

On day one of our Bible Reading Marathon, June 30, we woke up to rain. Not just a little rain, but a lot of rain. This is never good for the opening day of an outdoor event. But in our house, we say we choose the day, not the weather, and go about our business.

The rain did relent long enough to get our spot in front of the county courthouse set up. The goal was set to read the entire Bible from beginning to end, beginning on June 30, and finishing on July 3. The first reader arrived at the appointed time, and the reading began.

Our first “Group” of readers came from a local church. There were but a half dozen of them, and it was nice to know that they felt it important enough to come and read in the rain.

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We did have a canopy, but the rain was coming so hard, that it was leaking on us even under the tent. We used our umbrellas under the tent as needed.  I am fairly certain that from the street, it looks like a circus tent, but the reading went on.

We simply changed our minds from grumbling about the rainy conditions, to thanking God for the rain our farmers need, and also the fact that nearly every where in the Bible that it speaks of water, the Holy Spirit is involved. Rain down Holy Spirit, rain down. (God You Reign!)


That first day was really full on sign ups, with only one no show, that was not weather related. (That person ended up coming back more than once after missing the first time slot!)

The rain finally did subside, and although quite chilly, the rest of the day finished with great success.

It was decided that we would not go through the overnight hours, with safety being a large issue. So after the last reader at 10:00, with a little help from a friend, we packed up the truck to return Friday morning at 6:00.

God, You will need to make up for our lost over night hours so we can finish on time.

Stay tuned for story #2, you’ll begin to see why I say our God is Ever Faithful.


99 County Bible Reading Marathon

Here is the project I’ve been working on.

It is finished, except for the telling of it.

Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.


Stay tuned. That will be next.


Pink Bible

99 County Bible Reading Marathon

A historic event is taking place all across Iowa that will give our community members an opportunity to publicly magnify the Word of God. On April 26th, Governor Branstad signed the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Proclamation encouraging all Iowans to participate in this momentous occasion. You and your family are invited to participate in the Iowa 99 County Bible Reading Marathon—a continuous reading of the entire Bible, beginning with Genesis and concluding with Revelation, to take place in front of every courthouse in Iowa at the same time. We will be located at the southeast corner of our courthouse in Muscatine. The reading will begin June 30 at 8:00 a.m. and conclude July 3 at approximately 4:00 to6:00 p.m. leading up to the 4th of July — our nation’s 240th birthday!

We are seeking 320 community volunteers to help read the Bible at the Muscatine County Courthouse over the course of these four days in 15-MINUTE INCREMENTS. You do not need to prepare or bring anything. We will supply all that you need…just bring yourself! A podium, Bible and canopy tent will be on site for the readers, along with a Team Captain who will provide any needed assistance. No microphone will be necessary as our goal is to simply read the Word of God out loud.

We wish to make this a countywide effort bringing together ALL Christians and interested persons of any age within Muscatine County. There are many creative ways to allow anyone to read. In addition to having an adult read for a designated time, you may consider ideas such as:
• Readers can share their time by allowing walk-ups to read a few scriptures.
• Kid or adult groups take 15-minute slots and have several read.
• Parents read a few words to their young children and let the children repeat them back.
• Husbands and wives read together alternating scriptures or split the time.



This Page Intentionally Left Blank

It has been a very long time since I’ve been here to post.

Much has happened, and most has been written in a literal journal.

I have decided to use this page as a sign in page for a project I am working on.

This page will be intentionally left without a post.

So, take a rest. Breathe deep. I’ll see you on the next page.

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Consider Yourself Hugged

Funny – this photo is of a curly haired little girl – why is my hair as straight as a string?

Phone Photos 2.12.2015 083
Here I am with my baby doll. I sure loved my baby dolls. Now, as I look back, I can tell you that all those baby doll hugs were a sad replacement for the hugs I needed and did not receive.

At this age, I enjoyed twirling and twirling in my bedroom until I was dizzy. I thought that room was so BIG. I’ve been back there since, and it is in reality, not very large at all.

The back yard was BIG as well, a great place to play in the snow. As an adult I can walk across that yard in ten giant steps, or twenty baby steps.

Hmm, perspective.

This photo is before the abuse began.

Well really, it began before this, but my four year old mind did not understand the concept of emotional abandonment.

Reconnecting with this little one was not an easy task, but we have reconciled, and now journey into the future together. No longer are we estranged from each other, but we gain strength and understanding of all that has taken place.

I thank my Jesus for leading me to Bonnie’s writings and for allowing me to retrieve that which was lost.

Today, along with being able to help people understand who they are in Christ, I also seem to have a “Ministry of Hugs”. I’m told my hugs give strength – I will tell you here and now that the strength that is received comes from Christ alone.

He is my fortress and my strength, and I love to share what He has restored to me.

Consider yourself hugged.