Friday Favorites – Where I Live

April in Iowa is a mixture between the brown that is left over after the snow is gone, and the brilliance and variety of green as it begins to burst on the scene.

(Postponed one week due to router problems)

The photos in this post seem pretty dismal, walking away from the front of my house, but when you turn back, you can see that that burst of green is about to happen.

I’ve never lived anywhere but Iowa, so I do not know if this bursting of green goes on everywhere, or if it comes on slower in other places.

What I do know for sure, is that in two weeks – all of this will be greened up in an almost blinding fashion.

I like it both ways.

I like watching it change.

And have been doing so from this location for over thirty years. 

I never grow tired of it.

Sunshine or clouds. Rain or snow. It’s still;

Home Sweet Home.

Beautiful in any color.

The next post will be a surprise to me too.

So until then …

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