Silence is a Skill?

There are 144 notes on my phone.

I don’t know exactly how much space they take up, but going through them I found some interesting things.

Little quips of conversations, and sound bites from sermons.

There are names of people so I can learn to remember their names, (this DOES work by the way!) and numbers; because I never remember numbers.

One thing I found that seems to have been lost somewhere in the recent past is this one;

“Get to know silence like any other skill”.

Now I remember silence.

I like it a lot.

But the thing that befuddles me is the fact that although I do insist on much “silence” in my days, the question remains, is it serving a purpose besides quiet.

What am I doing with it?

I think my quiet times have suffered because they have become largely unfocused.

In the not so distant past, focused, daily quiet time was a regular occurrence.

I was looking over some of my “Quietude” posts from the past, and found →this one← from June 24, 2019.

It looks like I need to make the effort to get back to it!

Back to baby steps I reckon;

  • Same time every day
  • “Do Not Disturb” settings on all devices
  • Bible or other devotional type book
  • Quiet music or silence
  • Journal/note pad for catching random thoughts
  • Strict determination to make it work
  • Some days it is just quiet. No music. No book. No paper. Just quiet.

One of the most important things I continue to find out is this;

It IS possible to change our processes and our thinking, but we tend to forget that changing them is not a permanent thing.

We must keep after it.


Back to basics.

My Bible.

My Quietude.

My peace of mind, my joy, my expanded hope – begins again;



Will you join me?

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Silence is a Skill?

  1. Something that I noticed is that I used to meditate so much and I fell off because there were so many “things“ to do. For the past month I’ve been training myself on and off to go back into sitting on the floor with my legs crossed with nothing near me in complete silence. It’s amazing the thoughts that fly in and out of my head. It’s humbling even because some of the thoughts are old and brought question marks as to why they would pop up. Clearly I discovered there is still unfinished business there. This brings me to prayer and meditating on what God would have me do with it. Asking was never the challenge, I found sometime still is sitting and waiting for an answer in complete silence. So to your question is silence a skill? Lol, it absolutely is, but gratefully we have the best teacher and a book which is a love letter and instructions just for us.

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    • So I think we have been having the same experience. Since my husband retired, my brain doesn’t want to function in the same way. Although he spends much time doing what he does elsewhere, there isn’t really a strict schedule. (For him) I work better with a regular schedule. I’m finding I am having to rewire my brain, make it more flexible. One step at a time. I appreciate your response and your input.

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