Friday Favorites – Day Trips

One of my favorite activities is to do, is to take day trips with my husband.

We enjoy just taking a day and driving somewhere here in Iowa.

Just some place for a day, or if time allows , two days.

We will usually end up in some quaint small town here in our state.

There are two key ingredients; antique/what-not stores, and great food.
American Pickers in LeClaire

One can usually tell the minute you walk in the what-not store, if it will be worth hanging around for long.

The owner is friendly but not clingy, the store may be full to the rafters, but not filthy.

How do you know a good restaurant when you’ve never been somewhere?

Here’s our tip; look for the restaurant with all the pick up trucks in the parking lot.

Those farm boys work hard, and have to eat well to keep going.

They know where to find the best down home cookin’!

Farm fresh food in Clinton
(Bubba’s the baby!)

Being the introvert that I am, I enjoy the trip, but I also enjoy coming home to my own space, my own bed.

Tired, yet rejuvenated.

So here in the comments, please share with me one or two of YOUR favorite things to do.

I have an inquiring mind, and I’d like to know.

Please join me on Monday for Raw and Real # 7 – Process.

Until then …

One thought on “Friday Favorites – Day Trips

  1. I love day trips too. Driving for an hour or so to find a nice spot to relax. We love to drive to Erie lake, its about 2 hours from Pittsburgh. We usually go in the summer but one year we went in March. The lake was frozen so i stepped on it very very close to the shore so I can say I stood on Lake Erie lol!

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