Random Facts About …

This year I am participating in a Facebook group called Bridge to the New Year.


This group is hosted by the fabulous Julie Jordan Scott, and the new to me Paula Puffer.

In this group, we are given prompts to think about and write to.

Some of it is strictly “Get to know you stuff”.

But most of the prompts help you to consider how 2019 was for you; what you accomplished, as well as what you didn’t.

Not always pleasant, but really, if you don’t review, how can you grow?

Difficulty aside, you can consider how 2020 can be different, or better through these prompts.

I am grateful to have these ideas to “Un-stick” myself.

Now that the explanation is finished, I’ll share a prompt with you that I enjoyed.

Here it is from Day #10;

What are 10 – 30 Random Facts about you? Be playful. Have fun.

1. I have to psyche myself up for travel – I do enjoy it – but I’d rather stay home.
2. I am introverted, however I am not shy.
3. I can be an extrovert if it is called for.
4. I love public speaking.
5. I love reading; but wish I was a faster reader.
6. Our family SPECIFICALLY drives Fords.
7. I love my very large church – I can participate, or I can hide. My choice.
8. I love snow! Even though the only snow activity I do is with a shovel or a snow blower. It’s prettier from the inside – like living in a snow globe.
9. I wear flip flops all year round. Shoes make my feet sore. Disclaimer; I live in Iowa, so I carry socks in my purse, and shoes in my car.
10. My three most UNfavorite things are heat, bugs, and dirt.
11. I like my coffee, strong and black. No foo foo.
12. I love me some carbs – but too many of them make me sick.
13. I love to eat – but not cook.
14. I love to enjoy flowers – as long as they are yours.
15. Given a deadline, I can do just about anything.
16. Without that deadline – you can pretty much forget about it – procrastination at its finest
17. I work with two non-profits – Aglow International and Rebuilding Together.
18. I love taking pictures
19. I’m an avid sky watcher.
20. My heartfelt goal is to help others to get past the trauma and drama of their childhood, so that they can live free lives!

I hope you enjoyed this little list.

Next – I’d really like it if you’d play along in the comments.

I like to get to know you better!

See you next time!

3 thoughts on “Random Facts About …

  1. Catching up on my reading, Deb. Here’s a bit about me: I also love food; cooking, no. I love to read. I love dogs. Involved for twenty years with a nonprofit dog rescue group in San Diego (volunteered while living there; never quit volunteering — now do it through the computer). I enjoy my solitude and alone time but need occasional get-togethers with friends. Snow – NO! Only in pictures.

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