Quietest One Around?

Are you the quietest one that people know?




Deep and thoughtful


Serious and purposeful

Genius prone

Talented and creative

Artistic and musical

Philosophical and poetic

Appreciative of beauty

Sensitive to others




As a Parent

Sets high standards

Wants everything done right

Keeps home in good order

Picks up after children

Sacrifices own will for others

Encourages scholarship and talent

At Work

Schedule oriented

Perfectionist, high standards

Detail conscious

Persistent and thorough

Orderly and organized

Neat and tidy


Sees the problems

Finds creative solutions

Needs to finish what is started

Likes charts, graphs, figures and lists

As A Friend

Makes friends cautiously

Content to stay in the background

Avoids causing attention

Faithful and devoted

Will listen to complaints

Can solve others’ problems

Deep concern for other people

Moved to tears with compassion

Seeks ideal mate


Easily depressed

Realize no one like gloomy people

Don’t look for trouble

Don’t get hurt so easily

Look for positives

Low self image

Search out the source of your insecurities

Listen for evidence of “False humility”


Get the “Right things” before starting

Don’t spend too much time planning

Unrealistic demands on others

Relax your standards

Be grateful you understand your temperament

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