The Same Thing. The Same Thing. The Same Thing.

My Grand son told someone the other day that ever since he’s been on social media, that I, his Grandma, have been taking photos every day of the same thing.

Well yes. I have. Mostly. But here’s the thing;

Here in the Mid-west, in the Mississippi River Valley, it may BE the same thing, but it never really LOOKS like the same thing.

For example; lately we have been in a polar vortex that has given us many days in a row of well, meh. But you can even see some beauty in the meh, if you look for it.

2019-02-11 14.38.45.jpg

Then after days and days of this meh, you may wake up to find more of the same, or you make wake up to find something quite glorious;

2019-02-13 07.10.03.jpg

Something so cold, and beautiful that if makes you happy for the glass between it and you. But I must say that even though it IS freezing, the beauty of it all does warm my heart, if not my hands and feet.

2019-02-13 07.27.55-2.jpg

So you see, the same thing, is not really the same thing.

And you know what? In one months time, the same thing, will not be the same thing all over again.



5 thoughts on “The Same Thing. The Same Thing. The Same Thing.

  1. I can relate. Me, I don’t do snow, and don’t like snow, But! I can relate to the beauty in it. My thing is blue sky and fluffy clouds. Over the years I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of blue sky and clouds. I like to use a phrase my grandpa always used. “The same thing, only different.” I like to put uplifting quotes on my pictures and post them on my blog and Facebook. I enjoyed this visit to your chilly blog. It made me want spring to hurry and get here though!

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  2. I know what you mean. Today we started out with a snowstorm that dumped over 6 inches of snow. While I was shoveling and snow blowing, it turned to rain. I soaked through my coat and went inside to dry out. Then it turned to snow again and left us another 3 inches to deal with! Finally when my husband finished work we both went out and while we finished clean up we enjoyed a beautiful sunset shining through the trees. If I’d stopped to take pictures each time the weather changed it would show a different look – and all in one day!

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