I’ll Have More of That Please.

More joy.     Less sadness.     More peace.     Less anxiety.     More love.     Less hatred.    More power.     Less weakness.     More faith.     Less worry.

Have you ever wondered how you can manifest any or all of these?

I’d like to offer a few ideas.

* Choose one and make a choice. Sometimes we choose too many things at once. Choose one or two things, three at the most, and choose to acquaint yourself with them. Learn what cause of each and explore some options for overcoming it.

* Know yourself.  For myself personally, one or two is plenty. My focus gets foggy if I try too many at once. How does your brain work? Is it best in a busy coffee shop, or staring out the window at the street, a landscape, wildlife or just people passing by. Is it total silence or with music as a backdrop? Find what works for you, and use it.

*Don’t be afraid of silence. Quietude I call it. Some don’t like the quiet, my thought about why is that I think we sometimes are afraid of what we’ll hear. Or not hear. Find out which it is, and work it out with yourself. Even for the most out there extrovert, a few moments of time to gather your thoughts, “Center yourself”, focus your attention, align yourself with God, or what ever language you want to use for it can be most beneficial.

*”Think lovely thoughts” Peter Pan, or Graham Cooke puts it this way – “If you don’t like the thought you’re having, have another thought.” Not everything needs a doctor or a medication. Sometimes, we just need to change the way we think. Proverbs 23:7 says “For as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”

*Find the right counsel. Sometimes we do need a doctor, or a mentor, our a counselor, and that’s OK. We need to find the one who has our best interest at heart, one who is willing to look at our circumstances in depth, for as long as it takes. Medication may be involved, do what ever it takes so you can have more of what you like in your life.

*Find your group! There are many different words used for this today; small group, tribe, fellowship, gang, peeps, clicks, alliance, clique, peer group, you get my meaning. The most helpful type of group would where someone in the group has been through what you have been through, as well as someone who has not. Every one learns from every one. This group can be formal or informal, meeting often or not so often, (regularly will bring a deeper bond) but being a safe place for all to be. Each able to say what is on their heart with out judgement. A “No judgement zone” if you will. Everybody gets a turn.

My hope hope is that one or all of these ideas will start you on your way to saying         “I’ll have more of that please.”


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