Stories from the 99 County Bible Reading Marathon Muscatine County (9)

Intercessors, Leaders, Officials, Strangers, Friends;

On the first day, a lady I did not know, and who was not signed up, came and wanted to read. I placed her, and asked her to read from the New Testament. Well she sat in that chair for a really long time, and then finally asked me if she got to read. I said “Yes, of course, I thought you would be reading already.” “At the same time as him?” as she pointed to the reader reading the Old Testament. (It was the first day, so I guess I didn’t explain myself very well).

Anyway, she, Sharon, began to read aloud,and stayed with us until wrap up time at 10:00. Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 366

Now at 10:00,she stopped reading and pulled me aside. She said that while she wasn’t reading, God had instructed her to quietly pray for me. Then she asked me if she could pray for me now. Of course. It is foolish to say no when a person with the same mind set as yours wants to pray for you. She laid hands on my stomach, and  began to pray. Her prayer was so powerful, and all the people loading the truck stopped to join in. A sweet time of fellowship. Short and sweet, and to the point.

(Photo – Sharon on the left, her daughter on the right)

How sweet of God to send this woman here, and have her sit so quietly,staying on task, and without complaint.

There were several city leaders and pastors present, lending to the recognition of the importance of reading the Bible out loud over our “Sphere of influence”.

Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 409 Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 393Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 418Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 403Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 405


Galaxy Prime Photos 2016 401

There were also strangers among us. People from other counties who heard about this event, but didn’t find it happening in their home counties. They came as strangers. We only new each other by the Spirit of God. They participate is the readings and gave glory to God. They parted as friends.




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